Andre Miller
Scuba Diving

Andre Miller

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer


Born and raised in Barbados, Andre Miller has always had a close link to the sea. His first job was in a dive shop, where he learned to dive, sail and navigate a wide range of vessels. But it wasn’t until he worked at the Bellairs Research Lab that he was exposed to marine science and the sensitive nature of the coral reef ecosystem. After studying for his undergrad at the University of Miami, Miller returned home to focus on Barbados’ coral restoration and transplantation projects by working as a marine biologist and PADI Instructor in the Coastal Zone Management Unit. “My goal is to get more people to slow down and smell the ocean,” he says. “We have to reverse as much damage as we have caused.” Today, Miller leads conservation efforts at his two dive shops: Barbados Blue in Barbados, and Ecodive in Grenada.


Martins Bay,

Career Highlights

  • Named UNESCO Best Masters of the Caribbean 2001 for leading some of the largest and most successful coral rehabilitation projects in the Caribbean
  • Created Barbados Blue, recognized for its great crew, service and marine conservation efforts

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