Frequently Asked Questions

    If more than one month has passed since you completed your certification, please contact the PADI Dive Center or Resort, or PADI Instructor who certified you. Some instructors and dive centers request to receive their divers’ cards. Also, the instructor or dive center may be able to resend you a temporary certification card by email in addition to verifying the mailing address submitted for your certification.

    If your dive center or instructor does not have your card, please contact the customer service department in your region:

    A PADI eCard is an electronic version of the plastic certification card. It displays information that instructors or dive operations around the world need to verify certification. The eCard will be hosted, managed and displayed through the existing free PADI App.

    You’ll receive digital replacement certification cards within minutes of purchase and you will be able to store all certifications in one place - your mobile device.

    Yes, you can order an eCard for each PADI course and specialty you have completed.

    You can visit your local PADI Dive Center or Resort or order online at

    Once you have purchased your PADI eCard(s), make sure you have a mobile device running Apple iOS 7 (or higher), Android OS 2.3.3 (or higher) and the latest version of the PADI App. You can download the PADI App from the App Store or Google Play Store. After launching the PADI App, login with your Single Sign On email address and password, select the PADI eCards button, then Update.

    The PADI App is now using a Single Sign-On authentication process with one set of login credentials (email address and password). You may need to create a PADI Account in our database first. Contact your local customer service team.

    PADI eCards will reflect the same information as the existing certification cards – including certification level, full name, diver number, birth date, certification date, instructor number and name, dive center or resort information (depending on the level of the store*), QR code, ISO qualifications (where applicable).

    *Divers certified through a PADI Five Star Dive Center or Resort may have additional address, email, phone number and website information listed on their cards.

    Each eCard contains a Quick Response (QR) code dive centers, resorts and instructors can use to verify certification.

    You will receive a Project AWARE® button on your PADI eCard when you make a donation to Project AWARE during the checkout process of purchasing your PADI eCard.

    PADI divers will continue to receive plastic certification cards with each new certification. When purchasing replacement cards you now have the option to order the PADI eCard, plastic certification card or both.

    When you cannot find the PADI App when searching the Android Marketplace, it means your device does not meet the minimum hardware or software criteria to run the app.

    Your PADI eCard is part of your PADI Account, so even if you switch operating systems, once you download the PADI App to your new mobile device (iOS or Android) and login with the same Single Sign On credentials, you will still have access your PADI eCard(s).