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Regional News Archive - Thailand

April 2011 

Diving on Koh Tao, Thailand Diving the MV Trident which lies just south of Koh Tao 

New Scuba Diving Wreck on Koh Tao 

Koh Tao is a small diving orientated island lying just off the east coast of Thailand.  There are over 20 dive sites here but only a few tiny wrecks dotted around the island; a small catamaran an old dive boat and even a tuk tuk.   

Further afield, deep technical diving wrecks lay beyond the depths which most divers venture, but there’s nothing in between the two.    These deep shipwrecks, which include a WWII US Submarine, were discovered by the team on board the MV Trident.  For over six years she plied the waters in The Gulf uncovering maritime history.  It’s somehow fitting that when her time came, PADI Course Director and owner, Jamie Macleod offered her for sale and decommissioning to the islands scuba diving centres and environmental group, Marine Conservation Koh Tao.  

Half a million baht was needed to both purchase the vessel and strip her, making her environmentally friendly and secure for mooring lines.  The island surpassed itself joining forces to raise the funds, many dive centres and local business donated money to the cause and a huge fund raising party was held too.  Koh Tao knows how to have a party and some 63 thousand baht was raised there alone.  PADI also donated towards the cause, ensuring the moorings were fit for dive boats to attach to.  The project touched everyone on the island and ensured a significant wreck was there for divers to enjoy for years to come. The emotional ‘sinking’ moment 

Jamie Macleod had mixed emotions watching her slip beneath the surface,” It was a sad moment for me as I watched her go down but I take solace in the fact that she will serve divers just as well below the waves as she did above.” 

The vessel was sunk just south of the island in about 35m of water, making her perfect for the Deep Diver Course, Enriched Air Course as well as entry level technical courses.  It’s also great for the more experienced diver who fancies something a little more challenging.  

MV Trident soon became the home of many fish and in just a few short months has attracted marine growth too.  Not only has the project provided divers with a great new site with some fabulous training opportunities but it will also serve as new reef creation. 

Master Divers and the MV Trident have always worked closely together and the wreck site is very dear to their hearts - they visit often.   

For details about diving this wreck you can contact… Master Divers, telephone: (66) 77-456314, email: or visit their website at 


Diving the MV Trident which lies just south of Koh Tao, Thailand at a depth of approximately 35 meters 

The emotional ‘sinking’ moment 

 PADI Instructor Examination - Pattaya, 14-16 March 2011 

March 2011 

Diving in Thailand 

 PADI Instructor Exams in Thailand 

PADI Asia Pacific Instructor Examiners and Course Directors had their work cut out for them in Thailand during March with consecutive IE’s in Koh Lanta, Pattaya, Phuket and Koh Tao. A total of 88 candidates in all completed the PADI Instructor Exam in Thailand in March 2011. 

 Instructor Examiners Rob Scammell and Tim Marshall conducted IE’s in Pattaya from 14-16 March, 2011 and  in Phuket from 18-20th March, 2011.     

In Pattaya there were 14 candidates: Anastasia Yazytova, A.Michael Reisenleutner, Jonathon Barron, Michael Lehmann, Joost Lasperse, Amie Drewery, Anthony Winfield, John Roberts, Hiroo Veno, Eriko Fujimoto, Chaiki Ito, Katie Moore, Gordon Rimmer and Corey Szy. 

The PADI Course Directors on this occasion were Russell Martin, Roger Smith and Taishiro Miyayaucha. PADI Instructor Examination - Phuket, 18-20 March 2011 

In Phuket,  the 29 candidates were: Jessie Morgan, Andrew Connorton, Annie Ingrao, Kari Palsson, Hirotaka Koike, Sayaka Kajiyama, Kazuhiro Kusano, Dave Sweeney, Patrick Winkler, Daniel Lechleiter,  Elisabeth Voshaar, Marco Steiner, Marie Veron, Cedric Depuichaffray, William Merrill, Janne Ohtonen, Andy Dibb, Mark Kramer, Anna Yoo, Seung Yoo, Eun Hui Kim, Joe Brooks, Elicus Marais, Maurice Epstein, Paul Sparke, Anita Hansen, Keiron Piltore,  Claude Mumenthaler, Adam Poetsch and Heath Bennett.  

Our thanks to the team of PADI Course Directors, Christophe Pace, Weerawat Tubtimto,Thien X Do, Thomas Roehn, Alain Barrat, Claes Gosvig, JP Vuorio, Phil Phelan, Chris Owen,  Duck Koo Han, Bent Posejpal and Bjorn Tackmann. 

From 22-24 March, 2011 a well attended PADI Instructor Exam with a total of 34 candidates was held on the island of Koh Tao in Thailand. 

The group were expertly prepared by PADI Course Directors, Mathew Bolton, Robert Murphy, Peter Nieuwhof, Mark Soworka, Tim Hunt and Patrick Tassin. PADI Instructor Examination - Koh Tao, 22-24 March 2011 

PADI Instructor Examiners Rob Scammell, Tim Marshall and John Kinsella (PADI Americas) conducted the event.  

The Gulf of Thailand is where you will find the island of Koh Tao where scuba diving is by far the biggest attraction – it has earned the reputation as the main scuba diver training centre in South East Asia.  Along with its natural island beauty, marine and coral life, the standard of dive instruction on Koh Tao is very impressive - the island hosts the highest concentration of dive schools in Asia. 

Proudly displaying their PADI Open Water Instructor certificates are: 

Tatjana Vujkovic, Alexander Zollinger, Carmen Isaak, Martial Moulin, Juan Jo Diaz Fernandez, Erneste Guijarro Adame, Medwin Culmer, Kate Howard, Cameron Bobberman, Nariman Orousi, Alexander Luijk, Susanne Hunold, Jeremy Young, Alan Ireland, Nicolas Cessaroni, Richard Todd, Christina MacDonald, Helen Timbleby, Cameron Brown, Sonia Pinilla, Jaqueline Suvacardov, Vincent Guittard, Virginia Levrini, Ross Bowman, Kipp Hennen, Olivia Edmonds, Richard Petitpas, Johan Jankewitz, Laszlo Jankewitz, Bijloos Pierre, Caroline Mercier, Andreas Schneider,  Jinathon Sharland and Jeremy Savidge. 

Congratulations to all the new PADI Instructors! 


March, 2011 

Diving in Thailand 

 Instructor Exam in Koh Lanta, Thailand March 2011PADI Instructor Examination - Koh Lanta, Thailand March 2011 

PADI Asia Pacific hosted an Instructor Exam in Koh Lanta, Thailand from 10-12th March, 2011. Rob Scammell was the Instructor Examiner and PADI Course Directors  Richard Mei, Lisa Bier and Camille Lemmens had successfully prepared the 11 candidates who all passed with flying colours. Congratulations to the new PADI Instructors!

Situated in the Andaman Sea in the south of Thailand, scuba diving around Koh Lanta and the adjacent islands is exceptional. Divers will find a variety of reef walls, fringing reefs, caves and a wreck to explore around the offshore islands, islets and rocks including the open ocean sites of Hin Daeng and Hin Mouang where encounters with Manta Rays and Whale Sharks are frequent.

Photo Caption: Koh Lanta, Thailand. (In no order)  Pictured with PADI Instructor Examiner, Rob Scammell and PADI Course Directors, Richard Mei, Lisa Bier and Camille Lemmens are new PADI Instructors, Seamus Martin, Rosemarie Giltenane, Luke Kill, Cody Wilkie, Paul Kirton, Shu Wei Goh, Frankie Lim Chan Jim, Kathleen Ziegenhagel, Claire Barraclough, Carlotta Arona, Simon Anderson.


 February, 2011
Scuba Diving on Koh Tao, Thailand.

 PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centres, Masters Divers and Crystal Dive Resort join forces on Koh Taos’ monthly clean up
Koh Tao, Thailand Clean Up
Each month divers and non divers alike join forces to clean up the beaches and dive sites around Koh Tao in Thailand. On 29 January, 2011, teams from both PADI 5 Star Instructor Development  Centres split Mae Haad Beach north and south and patrolled the shore picking up waste material that would’ve otherwise been washed out to sea. The most surprising article, found by Simone Wirthmann, a diver at Master Divers was an unwanted Christmas Tree!
After lunch the team from Master Divers joined Crystal Dive Resort on their boat and headed off to Koh Nangyuan to clean up underwater. Boats from other schools joined in too and the popular dive sites that surround the island were toured and cleaned. “The amount of rubbish collected on each clean up seems to be declining so it looks like the local cleanup efforts by the divers are making an impact on the waste entering the sea”, said Ayesha Cantrell, owner of Master Divers.
Koh Tao has regular land and sea clean-ups, as do many popular diving areas. Clean-up dives are usually free and a great way for any scuba diver to get involved in the environmental programs at their favorite diving holiday destinations. If you have family and non-divers in your group, then there’s sure to be a land project they can lend a hand in too. Every little bit you do to help will contribute towards making sure your holiday dive sites are still there for your children to enjoy. Clean ups are not the only environmental projects; artificial reef construction and reef and marine life monitoring are other interesting facets of conservation efforts. So find out what’s happening and book your holiday and go and help. Not only will you learn about the reef and the threats it faces but also how to make a difference too, this can add a new aspect to your diving and you may even learn new skills at the same time.
For further information, contact; 
Master Divers, telephone: (66) 77-456314, email: or visit their website at
Crystal Dive Resort on; telephone: (66) 77-456107, email: or visit their website at  
Top Right Picture: Master Divers cleaning the beach front at Mae Haad on Koh Tao. Shown in the photograph are Rob Fraser, John Connolly and Peter Dekeijzer. 
Bottom Right Picture: Divers from Master Divers and Crystal Dive Resort at the end of a successful day cleaning up! Divers who took part include Phill Seargent, Rob Fraser, John Connolly, Peter Dekeijzer, Simone Wirthmann and Chad Scott.