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Regional News Archive - Indonesia

 July 2011

Diving In Bali, Indonesia


A ground-breaking intense PADI Scuba Diving internship has begun in Bali that will take eight young Indonesians from Open Water Divers to Master Scuba Diver Trainers.  

The programme is planned to run over a 10 month period and includes 20 PADI Specialty and Instructor level courses, work experience in dive centres across Indonesia, equipment maintenance and repair and dive centre management. The innovative program is the first of its kind and was conceived by Minni Vansgaard, PADI Platinum Course Director and owner of Crystal Divers Bali, a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre and Career Development Centre. 

Scuba diving is a crucial element of Indonesia’s tourism product; over 4,000 divers were certified last year in Bali alone. The programme is aimed at giving the best possible chance to local Indonesians in becoming dive professionals and sustaining the ever growing Indonesian dive industry with world class, professionally trained, environmentally active instructors. 

PADI Asia Pacific are strongly behind the programme and have kindly contributed all course materials and waived the administrative fees. VIP Henrik Nimb, PADI Asia Pacific’s Vice President of Marketing,Education and Business Development personally opened the internship programme on 20 April 2011. The opening was also attended by members of the Indonesian Government’s Tourism Department; Abi Carnadie, PADI Regional Manager for Indonesia and East Timor; and Divemasters Bali who are sponsoring the programme along with Aqua Lung who together have equipped all interns with brand new sets of Aqua Lung dive equipment. 

The programme relies solely on volunteers and contributions, without these great individuals this programme would not be possible. All Crystal Divers Instructors have voluntary dedicated their time to teach the interns 6 days a week up  to 8-10 hours per day. The programme also relies heavily on external volunteers who kindly take their time out to teach, such as senior members of PADI, DAN and Project AWARE staff.  

The interns who come from all corners of Indonesia; Bali, Lombok, Java and Sulawesi are: Crystal Divers Interns

Hairi Busyairi, age 20, from Gili Trawangan, Lombok 

I Gede Eri Sanjaya, “Eric” age 26, from Kubu, Bali 

I Made Sade Astawa, age 19, from Mataram, Lombok 

Imam Wahyudi, age 25, from Banuwangi, Java 

Inyoman Budiasa, age 25, from Tulamben, Bali 

Nico Novan, age 22, from Malang, Java 

Vintty Marcelly Koloay, age 23, from Sulawesi, Utara 

Wulandari Karunia Septiani, “Wulan” age 26, from Jakarta, Java 

These outstanding individuals are all aware of the tremendous impact this internship will make on their lives. It has allowed the enthusiastic, motivated Indonesians a once in a life time opportunity to live the dream they have always wanted but could never afford. All of them express a deep concern for the protection of the ocean and its inhabitants.  

Vintty wants to open an eco-resort near her hometown.  “I want to teach diving to many people in the world, so they can see how beautiful the underwater world is, so they will love the sea and diving also. With it they will also understand how important it is to preserve marine nature, keep it sustainable so that we and future generations can continue to enjoy it.” 

Inyoman expresses he wants to “teach and share knowledge about diving and how to protect the marine life and the ocean—to help get more people to visit Indonesia.” 

Wulan also wants to open her own dive center and thinks she might like to be a PADI Course Director or perhaps work at PADI headquarters someday. “I will teach my students not only about diving but also about protecting the underwater life; many people come to Indonesia and are eager to learn about diving; increasing the number of tourists can help my country”. 

Nico summed it up best: “nothing is impossible.” 

Monthly donations are received from supportive individuals,  allowing the interns to cover their living expenses and focus on learning rather than working to support their basic needs. It costs approximately US$100 per intern for housing and food for one month. The interns still need small diving accessories such as dive computers, whistles,Interns First Dive compasses and dive lights, so any donation will be most appreciated and put to good use. Anyone wishing to contribute to this worthy cause should contact Minni at Crystal Divers (email: Know that your gift will be instrumental in the development of the Indonesian dive industry.

At Crystal Divers in Sanur, Bali.  

(Back Row) Abi Carnadie, PADI Regional Manager;  Mika (from Divemasters);  Vintty Marcelly Koloay from Sulawesi, Utara; Representative from IndonesianTourism Dept;  Wulandari Karunia Septiani, “Wulan” from Jakarta, Java;  Minni Vansgaard, PADI Course Director & owner of Crystal Divers, Bali;  Henrik Nimb, PADI Asia Pacific’s Vice President of Marketing,Education and Business Development; 

(From bottom left) Nico Novan from Malang, Java;  Imam Wahyudi from Banuwangi, Java;  Gede Eri Sanjaya, “Eric” from Kubu, Bali; and Nyoman Budiasa, from Tulamben, Bali. 

May 2011
Diving in Bali, Indonesia


Blue Season Bali announce “The Best Dive Job in the World” competition winners! Best Dive Job 

Canadian resident from Vancouver BC, Kenzo Kiren has won the top prize in a global competition for The Best Dive Job in the World, winning seven months of training to become a scuba diving instructor on the tropical island of Bali.  Since its launch late last year, The Best Dive Job in the World has been a media sensation.  After more than four months, PADI Five Star Instructor Development Resort, Blue Season Bali, the Indonesia-based dive company behind the competition, announced him as the winner.  

Kiren was the champion over more than three hundred other contestants with creative video entries which he featured on the media hosting website YouTube.  Thousands of people viewed his videos and voted for him on the contest website at  Creativity and online presence were part of the contest evaluation criteria announced by Blue Season Bali - a PADI Career Development Centre - back in October 2010. 

The competition was featured in dozens of magazines reaching hundreds of thousands of readers, including: Today Magazine, Diver Magazine, Dive Log Australia and ScubaDiver Australasia; attracting the attention of scuba divers all over the world.  In trying to determine the sole winner of The Best Dive Job in the World, it became apparent to contest organizers Jonathan Cross and Tom West of Blue Season Bali that there were too many great entries to restrict the contest to only one prize. 

On March 12th, they announced a second place prize consisting of a three month divemaster internship focusing not only on professional training, but also underwater photography and videography.  The announcement of this second place award came as a surprise to the tens of thousands of people following the competition worldwide.  

Taking out the second prize was Singapore resident, Priscilla Ong who showed her creative side in stop-motion video entries which she featured on YouTube.   Talented with a camera, thousands of people viewed her unique and creative videos and voted for her.    

Kiren and Ong will keep their followers updated through regular blogs and videos about their experiences learning to become professional divers in Bali.   

The two prizes have a combined value in excess of USD 20,000 and Blue Season Bali director Jonathan Cross said, “Over the course of the competition, it became apparent that these two were exactly the people we were looking for to showcase the truly unique experience of undertaking professional scuba diving training in Bali.  Their enthusiasm, eagerness and unique personalities really showed in their video entries.  We are looking forward to meeting and diving with them soon.”  

Readers can follow the progress of Kenzo Kiren and Priscilla Ong as they make regular video updates during their training with Blue Season Bali at: 


For more details about Blue Season Bali, contact Jonathan or Tom   Tel: +62 361 270852  

or  Fax : +62 361 270842   Email: or visit their website at 



 March 2011 
Diving in Bali, Indonesia PADI Instructor Examination - 25-27 March, Bali, Indonesia 
PADI Instructor Exam in Bali   

Beautiful Bali in Indonesia was the location of the PADI Instructor Exam held from 25 – 27 March, 2011 with a total of 26 candidates. 

Conducting the IE were Instructor Examiners, Mike Holme and Thomas Knedlik from PADI Asia Pacific. 

The PADI Course Directors were Knut Hoff, Minni Vansgaard, Ayala Cohen, Jonathan Cross and Gary Brennand. 

Scuba divers in Bali will experience rich and varied sites - deep drop-offs and steep banks, coral ridges and bommies, one of the most famous wrecks in the world - the USS Liberty Wreck - volcanic outcrops and seagrass beds.  Bali diving is truly captivating and astonishing - you never know what’s about to appear next in this underwater wonderland.   It’s also a great place to go snorkelling. 

The candidates pictured here at Sanur Beach, Bali with Mike Holme, Thomas Knedlik, Knut Hoff, Minni Vansgaard, Ayala Cohen and Jonathan Cross (in no order) were 

Johan Sualang, Yves Hofmann, Tanguy Philippart de Foy, Thomas Ward, I Wayan Mulliartha, Janri Arter Wanget, Tony Jumadil, David Shread, Johanna Vorreiter, Bob Sim, Val Tan, Satouka Basso, Kah Heng Neo, Chris Bowmer, Andrew Miranda, Kevin Godden, Moritz Drabusenigg, Ursula Wastian, Reinhart van Meteren, Teit Jensen, Rebecca Johansson, Joslyn Davis, Emma Astroem, Tilke Rumpff, Emily Rixon and Alexander McKenzie. 


March, 2011 

Diving in Indonesia 

Record Breaking Two-day Dive in IndonesiaWill Goodman Record Breaking Dive 

PADI Instructor Will Goodman has received ratification from Guinness World Records for the longest open saltwater scuba dive. Will received the confirmation for his world record dive last year off Indonesia which lasted 48hr 8min 17sec.  This broke the earlier record of 25hr 10min, held by Irishman Sean McGahern. 

At 33 years and initially from Hertforshire, UK, Will conducted the dive with PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre Blue Marlin Dive at Lombok in Indonesia.  The base station was set up in 12m of water, the diver needing to remain at a depth of no less than 10m at all times.

Will advised he put in 3 months of preparation with regular team meetings and 97 hours of practice dives, including two 24-hour dives. “Fitness of mind and body was the key and a detailed program was drawn up to be implemented 3 months before”, reported Will.  “Diet, physical exercise, relaxation techniques were all applied”. Paying tribute to his support group, he added:  “Most importantly a small, well-trained and trusted group of friends kept my morale up.  Anyone of reasonable health can complete this dive; they just need a couple of days spare and the right care from the support  team”.

Source and photo – Diver Magazine UK. 


 February, 2011   
Scuba Diving in Bali, Indonesia.

 Instructor Examination in BaliPADI Instructor Exam in Bali, Indonesia 

A very successful result was reported from the PADI Asia Pacific Instructor Examination in Bali, Indonesia held from 4-6 February, 2011. PADI Asia Pacific Instructor Examiners, Thomas Knedlik and Mark Spiers advised there were 16 Candidates on the program who had been proficiently tutored by PADI Course Directors, Tom West, Ayala Cohen, Chong Soon Fuat and Andy Zulkifli. Congratulations to all involved.
The new PADI Instructors are pictured at the close of the program at Sanur Beach in Bali.  They are: Kelvin J Knight, Maison Tan Beng Han, Nicholas Cormack, Philip W Currie, Lauren Weston, Zina Marabel, Tasman Jak Tilbrook, Trevor Bowden, Joo Young Kim, Emma L Corbet, Patrick Daniel Diete, Michael Walsh, Rory August De Paoli Dunne, Duncan K Berryman, Sri Jata Usman and Rachman Sidik.
The famous island of Bali is one of the world’s top scuba diving spots. The main attractions of diving here are the rich and varied sites - deep drop-offs and steep banks, coral ridges and bommies, one of the most famous wrecks in the world - the USS Liberty Wreck - volcanic outcrops and seagrass beds.  Bali diving is truly captivating and astonishing - you never know what’s about to appear next in this underwater wonderland.


February, 2011 

Scuba Diving in Bali, Indonesia 

PADI announces Scuba Diver Training Scholarship in Indonesia - an amazing opportunity to join the ranks of PADI Professionals 

PADI are seeking 8 Indonesian Nationals who are interested in joining an internship to train to become PADI Professionals, one of the most respected positions in the scuba diving industry. 

You don’t need any previous scuba diving experience. Diver training will be provided from beginner level to PADI Open Water Diver Instructor during 2011/2012.  On completion of the program in 2012, work placement in the scuba diving industry in Indonesia is guaranteed.  

The program commences on 6th April, 2011in Bali and will incorporate a wide range of skills, such as dive center management, to enable selected individuals to progress to management positions in the diving industry in future years. 

What we need from you  

  1. Basic level of English Language 
  2. Basic swimming ability 
  3. Between 18 - 25 years old  
  4. Willing to sign a contract to complete the full program (duration 10 months) 


PADI will be working with candidates to secure sponsorship to the amount of $100 per month to cover living expenses.  This will be divided into units for business sponsorship ranging from: 

  1. Sponsorship of one candidate for one month $100 
  2. Sponsorship of one candidate for one year $1200 

Accommodation is also to be provided by individual local sponsors. 

Costs to the candidates will be kept to an absolute minimum.  Candidates will need to pay their travel expenses from home to Bali.  

PADI are happy to announce they will provide – all training materials, all PADI Members fees, PADI Instructor Examination free of charge, marketing support and presentations by PADI staff throughout 2011. 

Crystal Divers Scuba Centre in Bali are happy to conduct all course training, for more information on components of training, contact Minni Vangsgaard. Scuba diving equipment is to be provided by Divemasters and Aqua Lung.   

If you are interested in a career in scuba diving and would like to be involved in this life-changing opportunity, please send your application before 1st March, 2011 to:   
 Minni Vangsgaard, email or mail to:  Minni Vangsgaard, Crystal Divers Scuba Centre, Jl. Tamblingan no. 168, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia, 80228Telephone/fax: +62 361 286737 

Photo Caption:Bail Scuba DivingThe latest group of new PADI Instructors in Bali complete their Instructor Exam in February 2011 at Sanur Beach, Bali.