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March, 2014
Diving in Indonesia

NEWSFLASH  -  All4Diving Indonesia

There is a new daily diving boat to enjoy diving around Bali this month as PADI 5 Star Dive Centre  All4Diving Indonesia – proudly announces the launch of Little Mermaid!

Little Mermaid is a 12m fiberglass boat powered by 2 x 200HP Yamaha engines and as such, this impressive vessel is capable of whisking divers and snorkelers
over to the dazzling dive sites of Nusa Penida and Lembongan in around 40 minutes.All4Diving Indonesia – proudly announces the launch of Little Mermaid.

Little Mermaid is fully equipped with the very latest safety equipment including:  GPS chart plotter/sounder, SART - Search and Rescue transponder, Polestar satellite vessel tracking, life rings with lights, diver oxygen delivery system, SOLAS approved lifejackets and emergency life raft, smoke signals and flares, search light, a fully stocked first aid kit, VHF marine radio, walkie-talkies, and dedicated boat mobile phone.

A Nautilus Lifeline unit will be provided as standard kit for all divers and guides - to communicate the exact position with the Little Mermaid and rescue services – as well as SMB, storm whistle, and reflective signaling device.  Guests and dive crew can be assured that their safety is of top priority at All4Diving Indonesia.

In addition to the new on board safety features, all dive shop rental equipment is fitted with an SMB, storm whistle and reflective signaling device as standard. Customers also have the opportunity to purchase these safety items in a Diver Safety Kit for safe diving around the globe.  

The diving around Bali and surrounding areas is just fantastic teaming with marine life including“almost guaranteed” mantas and the magnificent Mola Mola between July and October each year!

For more information, visit  

Diving in Indonesia
February, 2014

Manta Rays Fly High in Indonesia -
Komodo, Indonesia

On 21st February, 2014 the government of Indonesia declared the entire Archipelago as a Manta Ray Sanctuary.  This new protection for these gentle giants of the marine world is a great win for conservation and diving tourism in the extensive island nation.  There is approx 5.8 million square kilometers of ocean in Indonesia.elegant Manta Ray - Photo courtesy of DiveKomodo

This decision has also been made in light of growing regional support in key marine tourism destinations, for protection of the species - with recent provincial decisions in Flores and Komodo and the Raja Ampat regencies to announce local sanctuaries.

Recognising that the recent CITES listing will work to limit the trade and thatthe benefits of Manta Ray tourism mean they are more valuable alive, than dead,the government has not only made a smart decision for conservation, but also awise economic choice for tourism.

Komodo National Park is already a hotspot for manta viewing in Indonesia due to the protection afforded by the national park status.

Greg Heighes from Dive Komodo, a PADI Dive Boat operator, estimates that manta tourism, both diving and snorkelling, is worth at least one million dollars per annum to the local economy.  

“Manta’s are loved by all, because of their gentle and curious nature. There are few wildlife experiences that equate to swimming with a manta ray in the ocean!”

“Diving and snorkelling with manta rays is our most popular and highly requested product, and plays a big role in supporting the diving industry here,as well as the livelihoods of local tourism boat operators. Many of these local operators have converted from fisheries to serve the tourism market.” Close up Manta Ray - Photos courtesy of DiveKomodo.

“Manta watching tourism is worth an estimated US$15 million to Indonesia’s economy every year. The chance to see a manta ray draws divers and snorkelers from around the world,” said MantaWatch director Andrew Harvey. “I applaud the Governments visionary leadership, this is a great example of how governments and the diving industry can work together to achieve positive impacts for the environment and the economy.”

Manta rays are slow to mature and reproduce, meaning that they are very vulnerable to over fishing. The recent CITES listing confirmed that the scientific basis for their protection was valid and that action is needed toprevent their decline.

A lot of work still needs to be done to make the newly enacted law effectiveand accepted throughout the archipelago. Conservation groups will work to teach fishermen, businesses and enforcement officials about the benefits of the new law.

MantaWatch is a not-for-profit marine conservation company based in London,United Kingdom that is working actively in Indonesia to protect threatened manta rays by applying technologies and education to support local conservationactions.

February, 2014
Diving in Indonesia 



In October 2013 Bali Scuba in Sanur, Denpasar, initiated a 1 year sponsorship program to provide diver training - commencing with the PADI Open Water Diver course through to PADI Divemaster, for one Indonesian National. 

The program was introduced by the PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre/Career Development Centre in an attempt to support local economies and provide employment for local residents. 

Selected for the program and a life changing opportunity was 23 year-old, Putu Adri Wisanta (aka 'Santa'), chosen by Bali Scuba - firstly because he is from Bali - his absolute commitment to the program and dedication to becoming a dive professional.  

 Santa training for Emergency First Response. Since late last year Santa has progressed in his diving career by leaps and bounds.  After completing the PADI Open Water Course he then went on to complete the PADI Advanced Open Water course, Emergency First Response and PADI Rescue Diver courses.  In the meantime he has logged 140 dives and is fast becoming a budding underwater photographer since completing the PADI Digital Underwater Photography Speciality as well.

The Bali Scuba sponsored diver training program which began in early October 2013 will run to the end of September 2014 and is sponsored by PADI, Bali Scuba and Dive Sport.  


Email:  or visit their Website:   




February, 2014
Diving in Indonesia

AquaMarine Diving, Bali – 2014 PADI Divemaster Internship for Indonesians

In early January 2014, PADI 5 Star Dive Resort - AquaMarine Diving - Bali (AMD-B) welcomed 4 young interns onto their “11 Month PADI Divemaster Internship for Indonesian Citizens: 2014” program.AquaMarine Diving – Bali have welcomed 4 young interns into their  “11 Month PADI Divemaster Internship for Indonesian Citizens: 2014” program.

AMD-B started this programme in 2012, making this the third year – previous graduates have gone on to work in other parts of Bali and elsewhere in Indonesia, including the world-famous Wakatobi Dive Resort in south east Sulawesi.

Liza (south Sumatra), Farhan (Jakarta), Alif (central Java) and Jaka (north Bali) are all Muslim, and each brings new skills, life experiences and high levels of energy to the programme. They are clearly all very excited at the prospect of becoming PADI Professionals and members of the worldwide dive community.

During the Internship, each candidate is assigned a PADI Instructor to act as mentor during their training.

All four interns were certified as PADI Open Water Divers at the end of January.The month of February is taken up by the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course, which requires them to undertake all available electives; it takes a while to cover the theory (and learn the English vocabulary) and to achieve competency.

In March they will take the Emergency First Response and PADI Rescue Diver courses, before commencing the PADI Divemaster program which is scheduled to take three months.

Annabel Thomas, owner and Director of AquaMarine Diving - Bali commented “We are very pleased and excited that this year we have four interns – including a woman, Liza. Around the world, scuba diving tends to be a male-dominated industry. I hope more young women will see what Liza is doing and follow in her footsteps”.

Alif, 22 years, the youngest of AMD-B’s interns, said “I had experience of diving at my university before and I want to continue my skills to be a professional diver. The program is free for Indonesian Citizens and it is an interesting challenge to increase my knowledge and skill. I wish by joining this program to be a PADI Divemaster and work around Indonesia”.

Khotaman,who completed the Internship in 2013, is a friend of Liza and encouraged her toapply for a place on the program. Khotaman has recently finished backpacking in Vietnam/southern China and is currently considering offers of employment from Pulau Weh, Lembeh Strait and Komodo.

More news to follow 




Diving in Indonesia
October, 2013   


PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre/Career Development Centre, Bali Scuba recently initiated a 1 year sponsorship program to provide diver training - commencing with the PADI Open Water Diver course through to PADI Divemaster - for one Indonesian National.  Dive Sport Bali have also come on board to provide a full set of diving equipment for the successful candidate. Bali Scuba, Dive Sport Bali and PADI are sponsoring Putu Adri Wisanta for the 1 year training program from PADI Open Water Diver course through to PADI Divemaster

Always keen advocators of responsible tourism, Bali Scuba, who are
based in Sanur, Denpasar, Bali, decided to initiate the program in an attempt to support local economies and provide employment for local residents. 

Simon Gilbert, one of the owners at Bali Scuba reports, “We wanted to give back to the local community in Bali who have given so much to us. We employ 90% local staff in all roles throughout the business and all of our local PADI Instructors have been trained at our Dive Centre. However, not everyone has the financial means, so we decided to sponsor the training of a keen individual who showed an amazing positive attitude and a desire to achieve.

Santa was chosen by Bali Scuba - firstly because he is from Bali - his absolute commitment to the program and to becoming a dive professional. He is also a member of Diana University in Denpasar, Bali and the college outdoor activities club called Mapala. The club focuses on activities that will be useful for the local environment and skills that can be used in programs such as search and recovery, environmental conservation and building artificial reefs.

The Bali Scuba sponsored program began in early October and will run to the end of September 2014.  Santa has already completed his PADI Open Water Course and is now enjoying daily fun dives before commencing his PADI Advanced Open Water Course.

Visit Bali Scuba at Jalan Danau Poso 46 Sanur, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia 
Telephone:  +62 (0) 361288610   Mobile (call or text): +62 (0) 8573929 2642
Email:  or visit their Website:  


Diving in Indonesia



AquaMarine Diving – Bali continue to support the local dive community   

Following the success of the past two years – AquaMarine Diving – Bali is currently accepting applications for their 11-month PADI Divemaster Programme for Indonesian Citizens in 2014. 

AMD-B recently celebrated with their 2013 candidate - Khotaman who successfully completed the PADI Divemaster programme and is now a valuable asset to the team. He commenced his training with AMD-B in early 2013, completing the full programme from PADI Open Water diver through to PADI Divemaster certification.  Khotaman is now regularly guiding guests on their dives.  

“I am very happy to be a PADI Divemaster”, says Khotaman, “I love the ocean and like sharing with our guests. It’s great to meet divers from all over the world”. Khotaman successfully completed the PADI Divemaster programme with AquaMarine Diving – Bali in early 2013 and is now regularly guiding guests on their dives.

Originally from Padang, Sumatra, Khotaman studied biology and has a love of the outdoors. His interests include caving and paragliding; prior to joining AMD-B, Khotaman was as a Canyoning Guide Assistant. When he saw the opportunity to train to be a certified PADI Divemaster, Khotaman leapt at the chance. Learning to scuba dive had always been a goal for him and AMD-B, together with support from PADI Asia Pacific, was able to offer him the opportunity to fulfil his ambition. 

During the 11 month internship, each PADI Divemaster trainee is assigned a mentor to help guide them through the process. Khotaman was under the supervision of one of AMD-B’s senior dive staff - PADI Instructor, Mitra who was there to provide support and assistance throughout. 

Annabel and the entire team at AMD-B are very keen to continue to support the local dive community and this is a great opportunity for young Indonesians to learn from more experienced members of staff.  

The basic criteria for interested applicants includes:
Must be an Indonesian citizen
Be available for an interview at AquaMarine Diving inBali
Minimum age, 20 years
Must speak English
Must be a strong swimmer
Able to socialize with tourists
Pass a medical examination  

The deadline for applications is 4th November, 2013

For further information about AquaMarine Diving Bali’s11-month PADI Divemaster Programme forIndonesian Citizens, visit AquaMarine Diving - Bali on Facebook    

Alternatively, please send a CV and covering letter to Annabel Thomas at 



Diving in Indonesia
August, 2013


PADI Asia Pacific Regional Manager, Hans Ullrich recently paid a visit to Trawangan Dive on the island of Gili Trawangan off Lombok in Indonesia to award co-founder and owner, Simon Liddiard and his team with the prestigious PADI Career DevelopmentCenter (CDC) Award.  

Trawangan Dive Team (left to right) Corina Kast, Hans Ullrich, Sarah Best, Adam Baxter, Simon Liddiard, Ondrej Gomlola, Sheridin Davidson, Fiona Smith, Holly Macleod, Sian Williams, Emilie Miesch and Kat Waters.

Trawangan Dive joined PADI in 2005 as a PADI Dive Resort, became a PADI 5 Star Dive Resort one year later, then in 2010 - a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Resort. Last year Trawangan Dive were the first dive centre in the Lombok region to achieve the PADI Green Star status for their commitment to protecting and conserving the environment.

The PADI Career Development Center Award is the highest PADI award for Members of the PADI Retailer and Resort Associations. The award is presented to PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centers who’ve met extra requirements including the provision of a 6 week Career Development programme, two PADI Course Directors on staff and a graduate job placement service.    

PADI 5 Star Career Development Centers are businesses which offer professional development beyond regular instructor training. These businesses offer vocational based continuing education training to prepare individuals for dive industry careers and provide job placement services within the dive industry.  PADI Members and the dive industry at large benefit from the PADI 5 Star Career Development Centers’ commitment to professional development and excellence through their uniqueability to provide qualified candidates to fill industry employment needs.  

Completion of the 6 week Career Development program at a CDC allows candidates to complete their PADI Instructor Examination earlier than may normally be possible.  

“As the only PADI CDC Center in Lombok, the staff of Trawangan Dive are very proud of their achievements and are committed to providing an on-going, high level of education in both professional and non-professional dive education,” explains Simon.  

Another reason for the visit to Lombok was also to award Simon with a PADI 20 Year Membership Certificate for his high level of commitment to PADI over the past 20+ years.  Hans Ullrich (left) presents Simon Liddiard, PADI Course Director and owner of Trawangan Dive with his impressive PADI 20 Year Membership Award. 

Simon has been living and diving the waters around the Gili Islands and other parts of Indonesia since 1990. He is a PADI Course Director and has been an Instructor since 1986.   

Simon also discovered the famous Japanese wreck; after hearing the story from a local fisherman when he arrived on Gili Trawangan 25 years ago, he spent a month searching for it. Trawangan Dive is one of only two dive centers to have the GPS co-ordinates for the wreck and as such, there are relatively few people who have dived it.  

Congratulations to Simon Liddiard on achieving 20 Years of PADI Membership and to all The team at Trawangan Dive for their commitment and diligence in achieving the PADI Career Development Center award. 


Diving in Indonesia

August, 2013 


Phil Voss from Singapore is our first monthly winner in the PADI ‘Live The Diving Dream’ Contest.Phil Voss from Singapore is our first monthly winner in the PADI ‘Live The Diving Dream’ Contest.       

The Live the Diving Dream Contest is open to anyone who completes the PADI Divemaster course in the PADI Asia Pacific territory from July to December 2013. They simply enter, tell us what they enjoyed about it and gain a chance to win one of six Apple iPads!    

Phil entered the competition in July on completing the PADI Divemaster course with PADI Five Star Instructor Development Dive Resort, Blue Corner Dive on Nusa Lembongan in Indonesia.    

Phil is now a PADI Divemaster and the proud owner of an Apple iPad!  Read what he has to say about his experience:  

Phil’s Comments: I enjoyed learning to be a PADI Divemaster with Blue Corner Dive on Nusa Lembongan in Indonesia because of the teamwork and camaraderie among the Divemaster Trainees along with the PADI Instructors' enthusiastic approach to mentoring us.The diving here is amazing and the currents can be challenging, so I don't think there is a better place in the world to gain dive experience while learning to guide a group of divers. 

Indonesia is at the epicentre of marine biodiversity and offers diving on all levels, from non-diver to advanced. The area has exhilarating drift diving, extensive reef diving, fantastic night diving, unique muck diving and breathtaking steep walls. Tec diving addicts can get their fix from the deep trenches while wreck fanatics will be satiated with the abundance of World War II relics. The country is also a paradise for underwater photographers as more than 600 coral species of coral and over 3000 fish species make their homes on Indonesian reefs. Read more about diving in Indonesia.  

Do you have what it takes to be a PADI Divemaster? There’s still time to enter the Live the Diving Dream contest. Simply complete the PADI Dive master course from July to December 2013 in the PADI Asia Pacific territory - then tell us what you enjoyed about it - for your chance to win an Apple iPad! 
Monthly prizes of an Apple iPad will be awarded through to the end of 2013.  

Visit for further information and start to ‘Live the Diving Dream’ in 2013. 


Diving in Indonesia
July, 2013            

Extraordinary PADI Open Water Student Certified in South Lombok, Indonesia  

By TOM BOXLER - PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer  
Jantine – Hollis’ sponsor and mentor -  translates dive instruction into sign language. L-R: Hollis, Jantine and PADI Instructor Tom Boxler at the Pearl Beach Resort (Gili Asahan, Southwest Lombok).
As a PADI Instructor, new challenges occur on a fairly regular basis, especially when based in semi-remote locations or while teaching in countries where English is not their native language.  What I was about to do was to be one of the biggest challenges of my professional dive career, teaching a local Indonesian to dive who was both hearing and speech impaired.  

A PADI Instructor at the Dive Zone in SouthLombok, I had just returned for my third season, working under the direction of George More, Manager and owner the PADI Five Star Instructor Development Resort on the island of Lombok, directly east of Bali. When people think of Lombok and diving, usually the Northern Gili Islands come to mind, but there is a group of islands in the south called the Southern Gili’s, which the Dive Zone calls home.  Offering two types of diving, gentle and relaxed on the northern side, where photographers and macro lovers thrive, and on the southern side - facing south there is Belongas Bay and ‘The Magnet’, one of the few areas in the world where divers can sometimes see the Hammer Head shark.  

Hollis and Tom head to the beachfront at Pearl Beach Resort for confined water diver training.My new student was to be a local Indonesian named Hollis, whose only experience of diving had been several Discover Scuba Dives in which he had performed well and taken a liking to diving.  Hollis came from a family of 12 in East Java. Due to family hardships and his challenges, Hollis did not receive the proper attention he needed.  This is where ex-patriot, Jantine comes into the story, without her help in translation and financial sponsorship, none of this would have been possible.

My idea was to get Hollis into the water as soon as possible to assess his underwater abilities. He had watched the Open Water Diver video at least 3 times already, almost memorising each exercise so when we performed Confined Water Dive One, he had it mentally choreographed. 

Underwater, Hollis paid great attention to my signals describing what skill I wanted him to perform next and he never took his eyes off me.  Above water, translator Jantine would be with us ‘waist deep’ giving the final communication to Hollis using both sign language and speaking Bahasa Indonesia, which Hollis would lip read.  Hollis and I would then descend and from there, my hand signals would be sufficient.  

I can still visualize in this case that some skills were just too complex to simply explain above water, such as the Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent (CESA) and the ‘free flow regulator’.  Such skills were easier demonstrated in waist deep water than performed a bit deeper.  

Underwater, things went well.  Hollis was like a fish and performed the skills without any hesitation.  My only concern which I explained to Jantine, was that Hollis would have to be particularly careful in the future regarding his inability to hear sound - so important for when it comes to listening for boats on the surface, as well as his dive guide trying to get his attention. I instructed him that by staying in constant visual contact and by staying close enough to make physical contact with his dive buddy or guide, there would be no reason to worry. 

Hollis assembles his dive equipment.The final exam day came, but not until we had some long afternoons under the Indonesian sun explaining the RDP, safety stops and demonstrating the opening of coke cans and squeezing water bottles to show the effects of pressure.    

The smile on his face was priceless as he was now officially a PADI Open Water Diver.   

We all face challenges on a daily basis, but this goes to show by putting your mind to it, almost anything is possible.  

 Congratulations Hollis! 

Diving in Indonesia 
February, 2013 

Girl Power on PADI IE at Gili Trawangan  

January 2013 finished on a high note for 4 new PADI Instructors, Silvia Peter, Jenna Barnham, Sian Williams and Signe Damgaard when they successfully completed their Instructor Exam on Gili Trawangan, Indonesia on 31st January.

And a rare occasion it was indeed.  Not only were the four candidates female, but also the PADIGirl Power on PADI IE at Gili Trawangan IDC Staff Instructor, Donna Gallagher; PADI Course Director, Ayala Cohen; PADI Regional Manager, Emma Hewitt and Manager Trawangan Dive, Sarah Best. Right from the start PADI Instructor Examiner, Danny Dwyer could hardly believe his luck!

"To be honest, I was a little apprehensive before the Instructor Development Course started,” says PADI CD Ayala Cohen, “but from day one it was a wonderful experience.   To have four women from different countries and backgrounds working to help each other achieve a goal was an amazing thing to be part of."

Following on from the IDC and IE, the new instructors were happy to share their recent experiences..

PADI Instructor Sian Williams explains, “Mastering classroom work such as physics and physiology was always a challenge at college but school is somehow a little easier when you are living on a tropical island!”   The best thing for me was the group of lovely girls I met during the IDC, and Ayala, the Course Director.  Everyone was happy to support and help each other, whilst having a hilarious time in the classroom and in the sea. It was the best experience ever and so satisfying knowing what we all accomplished.  Ayala’s teaching was amazing and helped all of us reach our full potential.

To focus on one single subject for three whole weeks from morning ‘til night time was somewhat of a challenge for me” adds PADI Instructor Silvia Peter, “but I enjoyed being with an awesome group with good team spirit.  We had an amazing Course Director and IDC Staff Instructor: Ayala and Donna. Thanks for everything, I had the best time!

“The biggest challenge for me, says PADI Instructor Jenna Barnham was defeating myself - I am my own worst enemy when it comes to stress. Whenever I had problems preparing or studying, I would get super stressed out, usually over nothing as well!  The IDC was close to what I had expected but the IE certainly was not!  It was actually fun.  Either way, we were all happy with everything we had done and accomplished and the IDC/IE was somewhere in between taking forever and being over way too fast!

So look out dive industry!”

Congratulations to the 4 new PADI Instructors at Trawangan Dive, Gili Trawangan!!  GO GIRLS!! 

Photo Caption - Left to Right: Manager Trawangan Dive, Sarah Best; PADI IDC Staff Instructor Donna Gallagher; PADI Instructor Silvia Peter; PADI Instructor Jenna Barnham; PADI Regional Manager Emma Hewitt; PADI Instructor Sian Williams, PADI Instructor Signe Damgaard, PADI Course Director Ayala Cohen and PADI Instructor Examiner, Danny Dwyer.

Are you interested in becoming a PADI Instructor?  Visit to find your nearest PADI IDC Centre. PADI Members in Asia Pacific certified more divers in 2012 than any year in PADI’s history.  2013 is a great time to be a PADI Pro.





 Diving in Indonesia 
February, 2013 

AquaMarine Diving – Bali continue to develop local PADI Divemasters  

Following the success of their 2012 initiative, AquaMarine Diving - Bali is again conducting an 11 Khotaman at Tulamben Bay, BaliMonth Divemaster Internship for Indonesian citizens.   

The program provides training from PADI Open Water Diver through to PADI Divemaster (professional level) and the opportunity to work side-by-side with AquaMarine's experienced Instructors and Divemasters. The interns have the opportunity to develop the skills and experience to become an outstanding dive guide, both above and below the water.  

The 11 Month Divemaster Internship for Indonesian citizens is just one of many initiatives that AquaMarine uses to "give back" to the local community. 

AquaMarine has accepted one applicant for 2013 - Khotaman from South Sumatra joined the program at the beginning of January.  While Sumatra is not known for diving, Khotaman's interest in marine biology and conservation led him to apply for the traineeship.  Khotaman has previously worked as a Volunteer and Freelance Surveyor for a USA-based NGO (Wildlife Conservation Society-Indonesia) and as an Assistant Instructor with a canyoning centre near Bedugul, the mountainous area of central Bali. 

Khotaman has already completed his PADI Open Water and PADI Advanced Open Water courses, and is well underway with his Rescue Diver training. As part of his AOWD training, Khotaman completed all available electives - not just the three required by PADI - thereby gaining extensive dive experience. 

"This is the best opportunity for me to be a professional diver and I wish to develop diving and marine conservation in my homeland, South Sumatra", Khotaman. 


Diving in Indonesia 
January, 2013 

AquaMarine Diving – Bali, farewells 3 Indonesian Divemaster Interns PADI Divemasters, Ismail, Dede and Gede

At the beginning of 2012, AquaMarine Diving in Bali began an 11 month Divemaster Internship for Indonesian citizens.  Ismail (from North Sulawesi), plus Dede and Gede (from Bali) completed the program from PADI Open Water Diver to Divemaster certification and went on to build their experience working alongside the experienced AquaMarine dive guides.   

Dede is visiting Australia and is very excited about his first overseas trip, Gede is returning home to Amed to work and Ismail has decided to remain in Bali as a dive professional. 

Annabel Thomas, founder and owner of AquaMarine said:  “It was very satisfying to see Ismail, Dede and Gede build their skills and confidence over the 11 month program.  I believe it is very important for dive operators to be contributing to the community and building the local dive industry.  This program is one way in which AquaMarine can give back to Bali”.  

AquaMarine Diving is offering the program again in 2013.   

Diving in Indonesia
November, 2012







     Indonesia World Underwater Photo Contest (IWUPC) 2013 

 PADI is proud to support  the Indonesia World Underwater Photo Contest  2013, the largest and most prestigious underwater photo contest ever to be held in Indonesia by The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Republic of Indonesia. 

Taking place from January to November 2013, the IWUPC 2013 is the first photo contest to be held nationwide in Indonesia and is open to entrants of all skill levels.   

Contestants will submit their entries through “Participating Dive Operators” and all Dive Operators in Indonesia are invited to become a PDO.  Registration of Participating Dive Operators is required -  please see PDO Rules and Regulations.  

To enter the contest - which is free of charge - divers must dive with a Participating Dive Operator (PDO).  You can choose the PDO based on the area where you want to dive. To choose the area, please use the search area on Participating Dive Operator page.  

With 6 Underwater Categories and 1 Conservation Category, the contest also invites entries from non-divers and Junior divers under the age of 15 years. All images submitted must be taken in Indonesia between 01 January and 30 November 2013. 

To view detailed Rules and Regulations for entry - please visit the  IWUPC website  

PADI encourages all divers to enter IWUPC 2013.  Have fun with your photos and happy snapping - we wish you all the very best of success!  


October, 2012 
Diving in Indonesia 

Successful development of local PADI Divemasters in Bali 

Early in 2012, three young Indonesian citizens commenced their 11 month Divemaster Internship with AquaMarine Diving - Bali.  Dede and Gede, from Bali, and Ismail from Sulawesi, were assigned individual Senior PADI Instructors to act as their mentors during their training. The interns have completed the programme from PADI Open Water Diver to Divemaster certification and are regularly guiding AquaMarine guests. 

Ketut Suarta, Senior PADI Instructor, said "I am happy to see young Indonesians become Divemasters.  When I was young, I had a mentor and now I can help others to become DMs."   

On 16 September, the AquaMarine staff gathered to celebrate the company's 13th birthday and on that occasion Dede, Gede and Ismail were presented with their PADI Divemaster certificates.  Annabel Thomas, owner of AquaMarine, commented "It was wonderful to have everyone together to celebrate the 'boys' receiving their certificates.  You could see how proud the Interns were to become PADI Professionals and how happy all the AquaMarine staff were for them. This DM Intern Programme for Indonesian Citizens provides the opportunity for AquaMarine to contribute to our local dive community. We plan to conduct a similar programme in 2013." 

Dede, Gede and Ismail are building their experience as Dive Guides and continue to benefit from the opportunity Ismail, Gede & Dede at work with AquaMarine's dive staff. 

AquaMarine Diving – Bali are seeking two candidates for their Divemaster Internship Programme in 2013.  The deadline for applications is 4th November, 2012.  

The basic criteria for candidates is 

Be available for an Interview at AquaMarine in Bali 

Minimum age, 20 years 

Must speak English 

Must be Indonesian 

Must be a strong swimmer 

Able to socialize with tourists 

Pass a medical examination 

For more information on the programme, please contact Annabel Thomas at AquaMarine Diving, Bali, email: 

October, 2012 
Diving in Indonesia

Miss Scuba International 2012 – Bali, Indonesia                                                                    Miss Scuba International 2012 finalists complete the Beach and Underwater Clean Up in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia earlier this year.   

Miss Scuba International was held for the very first time in 2011. There has been many a beauty pageant held in the past, many embracing great causes, however none yet have focused on our oceans. Life on Earth as we know it today began with our oceans. Thus, the organisers of Miss Scuba International decided that it was time that an event such as this is produced to celebrate, not only, the inner beauty and courage of today’s modern women, but also to simultaneously advocate worldwide marine conservation.  

The Miss Scuba International Organisation was founded by Mr Robert Lo, who is also the proprietor of the Sipadan Mabul Resort (SMART) and Mabul Water Bungalows in Malaysia and as such is a strong believer in sustainable development within the realms of our marine environment. He hopes that by sharing the beauty and wonders of the underwater world via women who are beautiful, it will enable more people to understand how fragile our oceans are and how much more we all need to play in our individual little roles to make a big difference to protecting it. 

The winning delegate of the Miss Scuba International competition undertakes a year of ocean conservation campaigns to educate, and inspire the desire in all of us to do our best to safeguard our oceans. The pageant will also offer her a unique and comprehensive platform to launch her career and personal development.                                                                                                                                       Henrik Nimb, (Vice President, Marketing, Education & Business Development PADI Asia Pacific) with Miss Scuba International 2012 finalists at the Beach and Underwater Clean Up in Kota Kinabalu.

Additionally, the aim of the organisation is to promote safe diving practices through worldwide professional training organisations, and elevate international tourism and cultural appreciation. As people travel to far off destinations to dive, they also learn to appreciate the cultural diversity that makes our world such an interesting tapestry. 

Although this is the first endeavor in such an event and a gamble, the organisers are hopeful in garnering support from those who are determined to see our Oceans - and thus  this Earth  - survive for many more generations to come. 

The next Miss Scuba International 2012 pageant will be held in Bali, Indonesia on 30 November with contestants from 20 different nations.  

More information regarding the pageant can be found at or or you may contact 

PADI Asia Pacific is a supporter of Miss Scuba International 2012. 



 September, 2012
Diving in Indonesia   

Minni Vangsgaard, PADI Platinum Course Director and owner of Crystal Divers in Sanur, Bali, was recently featuredMinni Vangsgaard Bali Expat in Bali Expat – a bi-weekly magazine for expatriate readers - in their regular ‘Meet the Expat’ feature. 

Click here ›› to view Minni’s interview with Bali Expat’s  Editor in Chief, Angela Richardson.   






March, 2012
 Diving In Bali, Indonesia   

11 Month PADI Divemaster Internship for Indonesians

AquaMarine Diving in Bali recently offered local Indonesians the opportunity to be part of an 11 month PADI Divemaster Programme.

Bali’s three Indonesian Divemaster Interns joined the centre at the beginning of January 2012.  Dede, Gede and Ismail are now PADI certified Advanced Open Water divers and are already preparing for their Rescue Diver course.  The Interns' programme is structured so that they dive at all of the sites around Bali, exploring in depth and detail, ready for the day when they are conducting trips as PADI certified Divemasters.
Annabel Thomas, owner of AquaMarine Diving in Bali explains,

"I am delighted with the progress that each of our young interns has made in just two months. Day by day, week by week, the young men are learning new skills.  Each intern came to us with different skills and different personalities and it is thrilling to see them blossoming as divers and individuals.  As the interns join our team on dive trips they are not only building their dive skills and knowledge ofDM Interns the sites but also learning how to take care of guest divers, both under and above water."
Dede, Gede and Ismail are now preparing for their PADI Rescue Diver course which will be conducted at the end of March, before continuing on to their Divemaster course.

Dede, Ismail and Gede at Nusa Penida.  "This is the best thing that has happened in my life!" Dede

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