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Regional News - French Polynesia

Diving in French Polynesia
December, 2013 

New PADI Instructors in Tahiti - 100% success! New PADI Instructors in Tahiti

PADI Asia Pacific conducted an Instructor Exam in Papeete,Tahiti from 9-10 November 2013, with all 9 candidates achieving success. 

A big ‘Thank You’ to PADI Course Director - Joshua Rouger who had expertly prepared his students throughout the PADI Instructor Development Course - which took place at PADI Five Star Instructor Development Centre Eleuthera, Plongee PADI Instructor Examiner, Brigit Jager reports, “It was a delightful and amusing experience as the thrilled new PADI Instructors jumped for joy at the closing ceremony!” 

Photo Caption: L-R:   PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors - VanessaLe Gal, Henri Mura, Philippe Fleury, Fred Ceruti, Marta Notivol, ManuaChazerand, Julien Fleury, Arnaud Criaud and Marc Frere – with PADI Course Director, Joshua Rouger (mid front) and PADI Instructor Examiner, Brigit Jager (far rear).   


Diving in French Polynesia 
May 2011 Tahiti IE Top 



PADI Instructor Exam in Tahiti, French Polynesia   

PADI Asia Pacific Instructor Examiner, Brigit Jager conducted an Instructor Exam in Tahiti from 1-2 April, 2011. 

All 6 candidates who had completed the PADI Instructor Development Course with PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre TOPDIVE-Bathys in Tahiti were successful and are now PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors. They are, Christophe Requillart, Nicolas Bernard, Perrine De Ligondes, Daniel Klinger, Christian Coulombe and Marc Delecluse. 

 Brigit Jager reports  

Tahiti IE Bottom “It is great to see an increase in PADI Instructor level training in French Polynesia recently.  Of course this wouldn’t be the case without the fantastic efforts done by our Five Star IDC Centres.  This time, the IDC and OWSI (instructor crossover) program was conducted at TOPDIVE-Bathys in Tahiti by PADI Course Director, Frédéric Despoix and IDC Staff Instructor François Lejeune. The candidates were well prepared and over the course of their training had formed a close team of great friends.”  

Photo Top: Taken at the Intercontinental Hotel Lagoonarium, Tahiti - the confined water diving site -  Christophe REQUILLART, Nicolas BERNARD, [Examiner: Brigit Jager], Perrine DE LIGONDES, Daniel KLINGER, Christian COULOMBE and [kneeling] Marc DELECLUSE 

Photo Bottom: Candidates on the way to The Wrecks dive site for their Open Water dive: Christophe REQUILLART, Nicolas BERNARD, [IDC Staff Instr: François Lejeune], Daniel KLINGER, Christian COULOMBE, Marc DELECLUSE, and [standing] Perrine DE LIGONDES.



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