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August, 2012 
Diving in China   


PADI Asia Pacific held the first ever Instructor Exam in Kunming, China from 17 - 19 July 2012, conducted by PADI Instructor Examiner, Richard Evans.   

Kunming City is the provincial capital of Yunnan Province with a population of 3.6 million, located in southwest China.  

There were 5 candidates on the program who met at the Golden Dragon Hotel in Kunming to complete the theory portion of the Instructor Exam.  Their Confined Water exercise was conducted in a local swimming pool while the Open Water exam took place at Fuxian Lake, ranked third largest in Yunnan Province and is the deepest lake in Yunnan at 155 meters, at its greatest depth. 

Hosting the Instructor Exam were PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre, China Dive Club and Kunming Qianle Dive Service. 


Richard Evans - PADI Instructor Examiner with  Denys – Translator and the new PADI Instructors

Pictured left to right are:  Richard Evans - PADI Instructor Examiner with  Denys – Translator and the new PADI Instructors, Yong Bai, Anqi Zhang, Xin Wang, Hucheng Ma and Chunxiao Dai.   Congratulations to all ! 

 Theory at the Golden Dragon Hotel

 Front left, Richard Evans and Roger Sun  (front right) with candidates during the theory portion held at the Golden Dragon Hotel in Kunming. 

 Open Water at Fuxian Lake

 Open Water session at Fuxian Lake




July, 2012  Delegates

 Diving in China    

PADI becomes Honorary Advisor to the Fujian Sport Diving Association  

PADI Asia Pacific is happy to report the official appointment of PADI as Honorary Advisor to the Fujian Sport Diving Association, Fuzhou (Fujian), China. The Fujian Sport Diving Association is supported by the Fujian Sports Bureau (Fujian Province) and the Fujian Sports Vocational College, which has approved PADI courses for college credits.  

L-R: Rommy Cheong, IDTC Hong Kong, PADI Course Director; David Du, PADI Master Instructor, President, Fujian Sport Diving Association, Henrik C. Nimb, VP PADI Asia Pacific; Roger Sun, Regional Manager Henrik C. Nimb is presented with the credentials on behalf of PADI, presented by Mr. Li-Guang Wu



 Diving in China 

November, 2011 

Training to become a PADI Instructor - Sanya, China 

PADI Asia Pacific would like to take this opportunity to thank Course Director Yi- Kun Wang of Beijing Dragon Diving Center, Instructor Development Course Staff Instructors and the 10 Instructor Examination candidates from Diving Best Resort for the excellent efforts to achieve remarkable success in the recent Instructor Orientation Course and Instructor Exam. 

We especially congratulate Ms. Wang and Mr. Liu of Diving Best Resort on their great achievements in becoming PADI Instructors. 

Training new staff to become an exceptional PADI Instructor is a long process and all recruits must undergo intensive training before they are allowed to interact with customers. Staff at Diving Best Resort get special job training to ensure every customer becomes a satisfied customer. Course Director Yi-Kun Wang, the owner of Beijing Dragon Diving Center (PADI 5 Star IDC) engaged in recreational diving business since 1995, says each IDC candidate should expect to clock a minimum 14 days of training in the IDC. This includes additional workshops covering topics such as brand heritage, company history, service skills, product knowledge and risk management. 

Meantime, the success of the China diving industry relies on the cooperation of all involved parties. As a leader of the worldwide diving industry, PADI looks forward to working with Diving Best Resort and Beijing Dragon more closely to provide the highest quality, fun and safe services to our customers and acquire more new divers.  

Let’s welcome our new PADI Instructors: Ying Wang, Ying-Kuo Wang, Jin Li, Xu Zhao, Xing-Fu Yang, Guang-Yi Yan, Yin-Miao Xia, Ke Chen, Zhong-Ling Chen, Hong-Sheng Du and Su-Bin Fu.  

We want staff who are hard-working, give attention to details, have pleasant personalities and who are passionate about Diving”, says Ms. Wang, General Manager of Best Diving Resort. 

Again, a BIG welcome to every IE candidate on joining the PADI Family and we deeply appreciate Mr. Li, Ms. Wang and Mr Liu, Director of Diving Best Resort for their strong continued support of PADI and commitments to the exclusive DSD Assistance Project. 


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