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Go Pro Challenge


Announcing the 2010 Go PRO Challenge 

Testimonial Contest Winners! 

 PADI Americas and Canada Regional Winners 

Top Prize Category: PADI Branded iPod Nano®  

The top twelve submissions earned a PADI-branded iPod Nano. See if you are on the list.

Special Honors are accorded to the top three entries: 

Congratulations to Alex Aines, the First Place Winner of the 2010 Go PRO Challenge Testimonial Contest. Alex, a PADI Divemaster from Bethesda, Maryland, USA, stole the hearts of the judging panel with her testimonial about learning to love diving as a child - she fell in love with diving at age 10 and was a Master Scuba Diver at age 14 -- and her sheer joy at being a PADI Professional. “To be able to transform other peoples’ lives by showing them this liquid world, while doing something that I love is amazing,” she says. Alex won a PADI- branded Apple iPod Nano®– and she’s famous now of course!   

Read Alex’s Testimonial 


Congratulations are also due to First Runner-up Clarissa Gouldin, for her inspiring video about her passion for diving and love of being a PADI Professional. Clarissa will also take home a PADI-branded iPod for her prize. In the meantime, she is having fun as the President of the Dive Club for Gigglin’ Marlin Divers in Houston, Texas. 

Clarissa's Video: 


PADI also congratulates David Splitt, for his outstanding second rybber-up testimonial submission. David has led an extraordinary life full of adventure. And yet, he says, “nothing I have ever done has been any more fascinating and rewarding or just plain cool than introducing new divers to the wonders of reefs, wrecks, and the vast unexplored sea and all the wonders it contains.”  David won a PADI branded iPod Nano too. 

Read David’s Testimonial  

Are you a winner?  

Did you enter the contest? If so, you may have won an iPod Nano or one of these prizes: 

2010 Go PRO Challenge Winner's Circle Jacket (Eight Winners) 

2012 PADI Professional Member Renewal (Five Winners) 

Full List of Go PRO Challenge Winners from PADI Americas and Canada  


If you are affiliated with a PADI Office other than PADI Americas and Canada, please click on your office and you will be taken to the Go PRO Challenge Winners’ Page for your region. 

PADI Europe   (Check back soon for link) 

PADI International Limited and Nordic Regions (Check back soon for link) 

PADI Asia Pacific  

Be sure to visit this page again, since we will feature additonal testimonials throughout the year.

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