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Scuba Unit

A PADI diver prepares to scuba dive with her scuba unitWhat is a Scuba Unit?

 Your scuba unit combines a

  • scuba tank of compressed air
  • dive regulator that supplies air to you
  • BCD (Buoyancy Control Device) that lets you float or descend at will and also acts as or integrates with a harness, and one or more instruments you need.
  • integrated weight system for added convenience

You can choose from various makes and models of each of the subcomponents.

Also known as : SCUBA, scuba kit, scuba gear, rig, dive rig, diving rig

Tips on selecting your scuba unit components

Each component of your scuba unit has selection considerations but you also want your dive shop to help you consider the unit as a whole. Get your PADI Dive Center or Resort to assist you.

  • Consider what types of environments you plan to dive in. Generally, the warmer your exposure suit, the larger your BCD and weight system need to be.
  • Your dive computer can be part of your scuba unit, or an independent gauge you wear on your arm.
  • Performance is everything, so when in doubt, invest in the higher level model of all scuba components. If you buy a lower performance model, there’s a good chance you’ll wish you’d chosen a better one. But if you get the better one, you’re unlikely to wish you’d invested in a lower performer.