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Body Suit

Your Body Suit

A body suit protects scuba divers against incidental scrapes and stings, and reduces sun exposure. Body suits have little insulation, so they’re primarily for warm water. Many divers also find they help them slide into wetsuits more easily, so you may want one for temperate water diving. They’re skin-tight and colorful, so they also make you look like a superhero.

Also known as : Skin suit, skinsuit, lycra suit; Polartec; skin

Scuba diving body suitsRequired features

Full body coverage – Most body suits cover everything except the head, hands and feet.

Non corrosive zippers – Body suits use either a front or rear zipper or a zipperless design. If the suit has a zipper, it must be made of plastic or a noncorrosive metal to prevent it from seizing after exposure to seawater. (This is really only an issue if you attempt to use a nylon suit not specifically made for diving.)

Desirable features

Foot stirrups and thumb loops – Stirrups keep the legs from rolling up, and thumb loops keep the sleeves from rolling up, respectively, when you wear the suit  under a wet suit.

How to choose a body suit

Body suits are very clingy and stretchy, so close counts when it comes to sizing.

  • Have your PADI Dive Shop or Resort help you find your size from XS to XXL
  • Check the fit. It should be snug, but comfortable and allow full range of motion
  • Choose the color scheme and pattern you like.


  • Always pack your body suit. Sometimes part of a wet suit worn over a body suit is the perfect exposure combination.