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Grand Cayman Scuba Diving

PADI Scuba Diving in the Cayman Islands

Known for its amazing wall dives, beautiful coral reefs and visibility that often reaches more than 30 metres/100 feet, the Cayman Islands offer some of the best scuba diving in the Caribbean. Plan your trip with a Cayman Island PADI Dive Shop or Resort.

The British Cayman Islands are comprised of:

  • Little Cayman
  • Cayman Brac
  • Grand Cayman

Of the three islands, Grand Cayman is the most visited by scuba divers and is home to PADI Diving Society’s annual Total Submersion event.

Visit the underwater Mermaid statue at a local Grand Cayman dive siteYou’ll love the tropical diving. Grand Cayman’s North Wall plunges deeper than 1800 metres/6000 and offers beautiful wall diving with opportunities to see spotted eagle rays and sea turtles. You’ll also find the famous Stingray City.

Grand Cayman also offers accessible shore diving. Scuba divers can swim out to buoyed markers to reach the coral reef wall. With little to no current, beach dives are a unique option on this island and a great opportunity to scuba dive with Diver Propulsion Vehicles .

Scuba divers can also find shipwrecks – like the Russian frigate, the MV Keith Tibbetts - off the shores of Cayman Brac.


Swim with turtles on nearly every scuba dive in Grand Cayman IslandPADI Dive Shops and Resorts

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Dive Summary

Depth :  4-37 metres/12-120 feet
Visibility :  18-30+ metres/60-100+ feet
Currents :   Calm and almost current free
Water Temp : 26-28¡ C/78-82¡ F year-round
Dive Season : Year-round (hurricane season is June- November)
Weather : 21-27¡ C/70-80¡ F year-round
Access :  Great shore diving (many beach access points), boat diving, liveaboards
Skill level :  Beginner – Advanced 



Courses :   Deep Diver , Enriched Air Diver , Digital Underwater Photographer , Diver Propulsion Vehicle 

Scuba Gear: Tropical scuba equipment , underwater photography equipment 



length of stay : 7-10 days


Featured Creatures

With a turtle farm on the island, you can expect to see turtles on just about every dive. You’re also likely to see eagle rays, barracuda, moray eels and, of course, stingrays! You’ll probably also spot tropical fish such as sergeant majors, parrotfish, damselfish, grunts, butterflyfish, angelfish and yellowtail snappers.


PADI Divers scuba dive with stingrays in Grand Cayman Sting Ray CityMost Famous Dive Site

Stingray City
Average Depth: 2-4 metres/6-13 feet with a sandy floor.

Local fishermen, who would clean their daily catch in the area and discard the unwanted fish parts overboard, discovered the stringrays many years ago. Over time, this attracted hordes of southern stingrays to the area and the animals became accustomed to humans feeding them. It’s now the most famous dive site in the Cayman Islands.

Stingray City and a second site near the Rum Point Channel called Sandbar are known throughout the world. These two sites have been featured on prestigious television documentaries and seen as underwater advertising backdrops for everything from automobiles to batteries.


Getting to the site :

A short boat ride will get you to Stingray City. Check with any PADI Dive Center or Resort on the island to reserve your spot.

View scuba images of Grand Cayman 


Topside Treasures

  • Home of PADI Diving Society’s annual Total Submersion event
    Every year PADI Diving Society members rendezvous at Grand Cayman’s Sunset House for a full week of fun-filled camaraderie and PADI Diving Society parties.
  • Hold sea turtle hatchlings at Boatswain's Beach on Grand Cayman IslandThe Turtle Farm
    Boatswain's Beach in the West Bay (on the northwest tip of Grand Cayman), the new home of the Turtle Farm cares for more than 16,000 green sea turtles—some of which grow up to 272 kilograms/600 pounds. You can even touch and hold some of the hatchlings. Boatswain's Beach is a great place for the whole family.
  • One of the 70 species of butterfly to view at the Butterfly FarmThe Butterfly Farm
    Near the main resorts on Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach, the Butterfly Farm is a relatively small area enclosed in a net where more than 70 species of butterflies surround you. It’s hot in the greenhouse, so dress in light clothing to visit the Butterfly Farm.
  • Grand Cayman Scuba Diving1Rum Pointe
    This secluded beach on northern Grand Cayman is famous for its tranquil setting with hammocks and a laid-back island bar. Shady trees, picnic tables and good food are the main attractions.
  • Hell
     This group of short, black, limestone formations is in the northwest town of West Bay on Grand Cayman. It is roughly the size of half a soccer field, with two viewing platforms for tourists. A very small tourist attraction, the town of Hell features a red, hell-themed post office from which you can send “postcards from hell”, and a gift shop with “Satan” passing out souvenirs while greeting people with phrases like “How the hell are you?” and “Where the hell are you from?”
  • George Town
    The capital and heart of the financial industry, George Town is the place to go for nightlife on Grand Cayman. Georgetown is THE city on Grand Cayman where you’ll find the most dining and entertainment options.
  • Little Cayman and Cayman Brac
    These two islands are laid back and quiet. Little Cayman is just 16 kilometres/10 miles long and has about 125 residents. You can easily ride a bike or even walk around the whole island. Cayman Brac has a population of around 1600 people and has some nice bluffs to attract climbers and hikers. If you’re looking for a low-key scuba diving vacation, either island is the perfect getaway.


Fast Facts

  • Language : English
  • Currency : The currency in the British Cayman Islands is the Cayman Island dollar (CI) which has a fixed rate of 1.25:  $1 CI = $1.25 US.
  • Tipping : Keep in mind that restaurants practice automatic tipping, which means the gratuity is automatically added to your bill.
  • Transportation : Renting a car is the best way to explore the island.


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