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Hawaii Scuba Diving


Hawaii Hula Girl by Kirk Lee Aeder of Hawaiian Tourism AuthorityExplore all the Hawaiian Islands:

It’s the quintessential tropical vacation destination and, at more than 3219 kilometres/2000 miles from the nearest continental landmass, one of the more remote places on earth. Made up of hundreds of islands stretching 2414 kilometres/1500 miles across the central Pacific Ocean, four main islands stand out for most tourists – Oahu, where Honolulu is located, Maui, Kauai and the eponymously named Big Island of Hawai’i. That remoteness pays off with some of the most pristine scenery, cleanest air and unique marine creatures on the planet. But the diminutive 50th state is also a land of contrast, from the fire of lava to the ice of snowcapped volcanoes, farmland and cities, waterfalls and sandy beaches. In short, it’s a Pacific paradise.

Choose your adventure: wrecks, caverns, pelagic dives, lava tubes, walls, house reefs, liveaboards and hundreds of amazing photo opportunities are among the endless options off the Hawaiian islands . In addition, short “island hopper" flights make it easy to dive two or three islands on a week long holiday. 
Take your kids to Kona's Seahorse Farm on Kona.
Dive a turtle cleaning station off of O’ahu.
Enjoy a sunset dive off Maui with your number one dive buddy.
Take unforgettable photos in an underwater cathedral off Lana'i

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All images are courtesy of:

  • Hawaiian Tourism Authority: Sri Maiava Rusden, Ron Dahlquist, Kirk Lee Adder, Joe Solem
  • Captain Steve Juarez