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Locate a PADI Dive Shop or Resort and take scuba lesson in a scuba diving classEnroll in a Scuba Diving Class

Taking scuba lessons is a great way to meet new people. Connect with your friends by enrolling in a scuba diving class at a PADI Dive Shop or Resort.


At your local dive shop or resort you’ll meet friendly, expert PADI dive professionals who will introduce you to everything scuba has to offer and help you determine the best learning method for you.

During the first part of your scuba certification—the knowledge development phase, you have the choice to learn:

Find a local PADI Dive Shop near you or at your next vacation destination 

  • online with PADI eLearning right now.
  • in a traditional classroom environment with your PADI Instructor at your local dive shop or resort.
  • with PADI home-study materials purchased from your local dive shop or resort that allow you to go at your own pace. You briefly review what you studied in the five knowledge sections with your instructor and take a short quiz to be sure you’re getting it.

Your instructor will show you the many types of scuba equipment and help you choose gear that best matches your preference and fit. While typically, some of the scuba gear you need for training is provided for at least a portion of the course, it's a good idea to invest in your own scuba diving equipment. Doing so will give you a chance to get to know your own personal scuba gear, and become comfortable with how it works.

It’s a good idea to invest in your own scuba gearCheck with your local PADI Dive Shop or Resort for specific scuba course packages as they vary depending on the location and dive operator.

Once you complete the knowledge development, you’re ready to learn scuba skills with your confined water dives  where you’ll take your first breath underwater . After that, you combine all your training during your open water dives  to finish your certification.

Start your scuba lessons at your local PADI Dive Shop or Resort or on your next PADI dive resort vacation. Or, start right now online with PADI eLearning.

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