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Volunteer for Conservation Tips

Scuba Volunteerism

Scuba divers can volunteer for underwater conservation projectsWith threats such as global warming, overfishing and pollution facing underwater environments – it’s no surprise that divers are some of the most passionate volunteers you’ll find.

But you don’t have to be a full-time environmentalist to make a difference. There are simple things that divers of all levels can do to help protect underwater environments.
How can you take action?


  • Photograph with Care – Dive carefully as many aquatic creatures are fragile regardless of size. Improper techniques while taking or editing photos underwater can damage sensitive aquatic life and harm fragile organisms with the bump of a camera or tank, swipe of a fin or even the touch of a hand. Check out Project AWARE’s website for 10 Tips for Underwater Photographers for more tips like these. Scuba diver swimming with a tame Sea Lion

  • Be an Ecotourist – Make informed decisions when selecting a destination.  Visit Project AWARE’s website to choose from Project AWARE’s Environmental Operators when you travel or other operators dedicated to sustainable business practices.

  • Consider your Interactions – Don't touch, handle, feed or ride on aquatic life. These actions may stress the animal, interrupt natural behaviors or provoke aggressive behaviors in a normally nonaggressive species. Check out Project AWARE’s website for Ten Ways a Diver Can Protect the Underwater Environment for essential tips like these.

  • Scuba divers need to practice neutral buoyancy so they can avoid harming underwater environmentsBe AWARE – Keep your gauges and alternate air source secured so they don’t drag over the reef and other vital habitat. Control your buoyancy, taking care not to touch fragile organisms with your body or equipment. Enroll in a Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty course  to perfect the skill and do your part and prevent injury to aquatic life every time you dive.

  • Go Green with Your Skills – Project AWARE Foundation is a nonprofit organization partnering with divers to conserve underwater environments. Put your dive skills to work.

    Visit Project AWARE’s website to learn how to volunteer for:
  • You can make a difference, stay active and have a great time too.

  • Make Your Certification Card Count – Choose the Project AWARE version of your PADI certification card for a minimum donation of US $10. 100 percent of this donation supports Project AWARE’s ongoing conservation initiatives to protect the underwater environments you love most.

  • Get the Scoop – Visit the Project AWARE website and sign up for Project AWARE’s Our Blue World email newsletter to find out about environmental issues important to divers, the latest in volunteer opportunities and conservation events around the world.

  • Make a Commitment – Visit Project AWARE’s site and join Project AWARE Foundation and become part of a dedicated team of divers making a lasting difference. Project AWARE Patrons receive special benefits, email newsletters, action alerts and invitations.