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CPR and Scuba Rescue Tips

Become a Better Dive Buddy

Become a better dive buddyIf you've ever witnessed a rescue while scuba diving, you probably asked yourself, “Am I prepared to help?”
The first step is to become proficient in CPR and rescue diving skills. The first step to accomplishing this goal is to participate in a CPR/First Aid course like Emergency First Response and to become a PADI Rescue Diver. If you made this first step, contact a PADI Dive Shop or Resort and sign-up today! 

After you become a Rescue Diver, here are some tips that will prepare you to use your rescue and CPR skills:


Stay Prepared by Following These Tips

  • Take the Rescue Diver course to protect you and your dive buddiesStay fit for scuba diving. Your health is important. You can’t help others if you are out of shape and can’t take care of yourself.

  • Practice self-rescue skills often. Remember, helping yourself creates the confidence to help others because you know you can take care of yourself while you provide aid.

  • Review and practice in-water rescue breathing techniques with other divers or your buddy.

  • Take your first aid kit with you every time you scuba dive and keep your pocket mask handy. Many divers consider their pocket masks standard equipment they always have in a pocket.

  • Fine-tune your navigation skills by becoming a Underwater Navigator.

  • Expand your search and recovery abilities by becoming a Search and Recovery diver.

  • Stay current with CPR techniques by refreshing skills periodically Emergency First Response.

  • Keep your oxygen administration skills sharp by participating in the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider course.