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Master Instructor

PADI Master Instructors have trained 150 or more PADI diversThe PADI Master Instructor Rating

Be recognized as one of the elite dive educators – PADI Master Instructor. PADI Master Instructors embody the true dive professional, having demonstrated a thorough understanding of the PADI System of diver education, and put it into practice by training 150 or more PADI Divers. They are dive industry leaders who help to shape the development of future dive courses.

The Fun Part

The PADI Master Instructor rating is unique in the PADI System – it is the one rating that you do not earn through training. You earn it by exemplifying what it means to be a PADI Instructor in what you do.


You must be

  • Thai07_0505_TS_ManSmileFinsA renewed, teaching status IDC Staff Instructor.
  • PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor for at least two years.
  • A current Emergency First Response Instructor.
  • Have certified at least 150 PADI Divers, of which: 
       · At least 50 of the certifications must be for PADI Adventure Diver or higher.
       · At least 15 of the certifications for PADI Specialty Diver.
       · At least 5 for PADI Rescue Diver.
       · At least 5  for PADI Divemaster.
       · At least 5 for PADI Assistant Instructor.
       · No more than 75 of the 150 certifications may be from credits earned for conducting Discover Scuba Diving experiences.
       · No more than 50 of the 150 certifications may be from credits earned for staffing IDCs.
       · No more than 25 of the 150 certifications may be from non-diving specialty certifications. (i.e. Equipment SpecialistProject AWARE Specialist, etc.).
       · No more than 10 of the 150 certifications may be from PADI Seal Team or Master Seal Team registrations.
       · Have trained at least 10 students through the Emergency First Response program.
  • Possess a complete understanding of the PADI System of diver education.
  • Have participated in at least three PADI Instructor Development Seminars.
  • Use the complete PADI System of diver education including all appropriate PADI training materials when conducting PADI programs.
  • Issue PADI as the primary certification, and conduct all PADI certification courses and experience programs using methods consistent with PADI Standards and philosophy as outlined in the PADI Instructor Manual.
  • Have no verified Quality Assurance violations within the past six months and no open quality assurance inquiries in progress. (A member in review status may not qualify for Master Instructor until the Review status is lifted.)
  • Demonstrate support of the PADI organization in its efforts to establish programs in aquatic education and conservation.

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