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PADI Dive Center and Resort Membership

Obtaining Your PADI Dive Center or Resort MembershipPADI Scuba Diver

The PADI International Resort and Retail Associations have several membership classifications.

When you first open a PADI Dive Center or Resort, you obtain an entry level PADI business membership.

After you are open and meet additional criteria and standards, you may be eligible to qualify for a higher PADI business level membership (five star), which offers more benefits such as:

  • The ability to teach instructor level training.
  • Deeper discounts.
  • More brand recognition opportunities.

Depending on where you plan to locate, your business will fall into one of these two categories:

1.  International Resort Association Membership for Resort DestinationsPADI Resort Membership

If you plan to locate to a resort travel destination, then your business will be best suited for a resort level membership that caters to tourists and heavily focuses on scuba diving and snorkeling experiences, dive boat charters, education, equipment and other services.

Resort level memberships include:

Entry Level

Higher Levels

  • PADI Five Star Dive Resort
  • PADI Five Star Instructor Development Resort
  • PADI Career Development Center (CDC)

2. PADI Retailer Association Membership for Local MarketsPADI Dive Center Membership

If you plan to locate in a market that caters to local residents, then your business will be best suited for a retail level membership that caters to local residents and primarily focuses on key services known as the Three E’s:

  • Education (PADI courses)
  • Equipment (sales, service and rentals)
  • Experience (travel and/or local dive activities)

Retail level memberships include:

Entry Level

Higher Levels

  • PADI Five Star Dive Center 
  • PADI Five Star Instructor Development Center
  • PADI Career Development Center (CDC)

 PADI Dive Center Logo

PADI Dive Center
PADI Dive Centers are professional businesses that engage in the retail sale of recreational scuba diving equipment and instruction. PADI Dive Centers demonstrate a commitment to the PADI system of diver education by offering PADI certification courses and experience programs. Other services they provide include recreational scuba equipment rental and repair, compressed air sales, recreational
scuba diving and snorkeling activities, and travel opportunities.

 PADI Resort Logo

PADI Dive Resort 
PADI Dive Resorts are businesses that primarily cater to traveling recreational scuba divers and snorkelers, and offer activities such as recreational scuba and snorkeling instruction, Discover Scuba Diving experiences, guided recreational scuba dives and snorkeling excursions from the shore or a boat, and dive equipment rentals. Other services may include dive equipment sales as well as various watersport activities in addition to scuba diving. Dive Resorts are typically, but not exclusively, located in vacation areas and may be directly affiliated with facilities offering accommodations to the traveling diver.

PADI Dive Boat Logo

PADI Dive Boats
PADI Dive Boat Members are businesses that take customers on recreational scuba dives or snorkeling excursions from dive vessels. PADI Dive Boat Members may own or operate from a single vessel to an entire fleet, and range in size and capacity from small day boats to live-aboard charter boats. PADI Dive Boat Member services include recreational scuba diving or snorkeling instruction, Discover Scuba Diving experiences, guided recreational scuba dives and snorkeling excursions. Other services may include recreational scuba diving equipment sales or rental, as well as various other watersport activities.

PADI Recreational FacilitiesPADI Recreational Facility Logo
PADI Recreational Facility Members are businesses that operate a facility with a body of water that can be used for recreational snorkeling or diving, or offer PADI courses through established health clubs, purpose-built dive facilities, or similar recreational businesses. PADI Recreational Facility Members cater to local recreational scuba dive businesses, recreational divers and snorkelers while providing dive support services, such as oxygen equipment or emergency response information, and convenience facilities such as rest rooms or changing quarters. Other services may include compressed air, dive equipment rental and repair, underwater scuba training platforms and picnic and overnight lodging facilities.