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Benefits (PADI Europe Region)

PADI Business Member Benefits in the Europe RegionReap the PADI Benefits

With PADI as your training partner, you get the full support of the strongest training organization. Your PADI Europe team offers tremendous tools and support to help you succeed with your dream:

Powerful Tools

Full Business Support


Group Activities & Assistance


DiscountsScuba Group Activities and Discounts

  • Discounts on all PADI Purchases.    From the first day of your IRRA membership you will be granted an additional discount on all PADI products. Your discount will increase with the upgrade to the 5* level.
  • Discounted Advertising Rates with the PADI Europe Member News and the worldwide Undersea Journal PADI Professional Magazine 
  • Look Great in PADI Gear 


PADI: The World’s Most Popular System of Scuba Diving Lessons

Enjoy Immediate Brand Recognition

  • Nondivers, certified scuba divers and scuba diving leaders seek the PADI brand name more than any other.PADI scuba lessons are the most popular in the world
  • PADI ProfessionalsPADI courses and PADI instructional materials are the most sought after in the scuba diving industry. This means that as a PADI Business Member, you enjoy immediate market recognition by advertising your status as a PADI Dive Shop or Resort.
  • From your storefront, to your signage, to your scuba lessons, PADI supports you with the tools you need to succeed.
  • As a PADI Dive Center or Resort member your business is listed in and linked from thePADI Dive Shop Locator on The PADI website receives more than 1.6 million monthly page views, of which your website will benefit from this target audience—your potential customer base. 
  • PADI’s innovative eLearning system gives you more flexibility in training student scuba divers and allows you to expand your perimeter online to reach even more new customers.

Get the Training System
Between the core scuba lessons, more than 25 specialties and a professional development path, you’ll find that working with a proven, successful training system positively affects your growth.

  • Ample opportunities for continuing education courses increase course revenue, travel participation and equipment.
  • Surveys show that PADI scuba divers who take continuing education courses purchase double the equipment of entry-level scuba divers.
  • The PADI educational system helps your bottom line by helping your customers enjoy the underwater world more.

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Powerful Marketing Campaigns & Programs

As a PADI Member, you benefit from the most innovative and proven marketing campaigns in the scuba diving industry, which help drive customers through your doors.Powerful PADI Marketing Campaigns 

Each year PADI provides a comprehensive kit with tools to help dive shops and resorts promote these core marketing campaigns. Tools vary from in store graphics to promotional items created to reach out to new and existing customers. You will receive this year’s kit (no charge) when you place your start-up order with your PADI Regional Manager or Sales Consultant.

PADI’s Business Training programs help you learn more about implementing these campaigns and best practices that have worked for successful store owners.

  1. The marketing campaigns are designed to support the three top initiatives that make a successful scuba diving operation:
    New Diver Acquisition
  2. Diver Retention & Continuing Education
  3. Creating a Go PRO Profit Center


New Diver Acquisition Campaigns

Diver Retention and Continuing Education Campaigns

  • Master Scuba Diver
  • Specialty of the Quarter
  • Rescue Updates

Go PRO Campaign:

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Customizable Online Shopping Cart, Full eCommerce SolutionOnline Shopping Cart

Your dive shop or resort needs a strong website that allows customers to buy from you. PADI highly recommends an exclusive online package developed by Integrated Scuba Systems (ISSYS) that allows you to (service available in English only):

Build and maintain a user friendly website:

  • Utilize beautiful, professionally designed web page templates that you can customize and use immediately without any knowledge of HTML coding.
  • Write text and upload images as easily as if you’re working on a Microsoft Word Document.

Sell Online:

  • scuba gear and learning materials
  • real-time course bookings
  • charters and dive trips

Reach out to customers with:

  • Targeted, customized, automatic emails. You set the trigger event parameters however you like for birthdays, service reminders, completion of certification, etc.
  • Text messaging (SMS)
  • Customizable and professionally designed eNewsletter templates and more!

Contact Integrated Scuba Systems to learn how to start your PADI Dive Shop or Resort with a tremendous foundation—both online and in-store!

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Point-of-Sale, Customer Relationship Management SoftwareEVE makes it easy to make relationships with your customers

Specifically developed for the dive industry by Integrated Scuba Systems, the Electronic Virtual Employee – EVE5 software- (service available in English only) gives you a comprehensive tool to manage every aspect of a single or multistore enterprise including:

  • Point of sale software
  • Direct upload for student information to the PADI PIC Online System
  • Manage customer relationships: birthdays, course history, rental history, inventory
  • Rental and service bookings
  • Employee scheduling
  • Get Organized! This software works seamlessly with EVE Online to give you the ability to manage your inventory, website and online shopping cart all in real-time—and you can do it remotely from anywhere!

Contact Integrated Scuba Systems to learn how to implement this customer relationship and inventory management tool.

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Unparalleled Customer Service and Business ConsultationPADI Customer Service

As a PADI Member, you receive an unparalleled level of customer service and business consultation. With the largest staff of Regional Managers and specialized business consultants in the dive industry, you enjoy personalized attention to meet all of your business goals.

PADI Regional Customer Service Teams provide dedicated consultants in specialized departments of PADI Americas, as well as representation from Project AWARE Foundation. So, whether it’s providing advice, recommendations or support, as your partner, PADI staff will help find the answers you need.

Your PADI Regional Manager

  • All PADI Regional Managers (RMs) have worked in the dive industry for many years – several previously owned or managed dive shops – and are well versed on PADI training programs and products.
    Working for PADI Members is their full time job.
  • They don’t represent other dive industry brands, so when they visit you, their sole focus is helping you increase profits through channels best suited for your customer base.

Your PADI Regional Manager’s goal is to create a solid foundation on which to build long-term, successful relationship with you based on trust and respect. Your Regional Manager is there to:

  • Support your dive operation with evaluation, advice and solutions.
  • Help you find and implement new ways to provide a high value to your customers.
  • Help you establish timelines and focus appropriate resources (both inside and outside of the PADI family).
  • Consult with you and give you an objective measure against which you can evaluate results.

Introduce yourself to your PADI Europe team.

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Business Training for PADI Dive Shop Owners and ManagersPADI Business Education
PADI’s committed to helping you work smarter, not harder through Business of Diving workshops and other scuba diving shop and resort management programs. These programs are developed specifically for you, an owner or manager of a PADI Dive Shop or Resort.


PADI Webinars – Bringing the Business of Diving to You

Time away from your daily duties for a new or established dive shop or resort may seem unrealistic. PADI built an educational system to bring the show to you – you don’t even have to leave your dive center or resort (if you don’t want). Take the opportunity to expand your business IQ and see how your colleagues are tackling similar challenges that you may have. You can sign up in the PADI Pros Site:

PADI eLearning: Setting Up and Using Your PADI Virtual Classroom

  • An exclusive benefit to PADI Dive Centers and Resorts, the PADI eLearning system is the easiest way to attract new scuba divers. You learn:
    How to access and set up your virtual classroom.
  • How to position eLearning on your website for maximum success.
  • How students progress through the PADI Open Water Diver course.
  • What to do after your eLearners have completed the online portion of the course.PADI eLearning online scuba courses 

Maximizing Your Profit Potential with PADI eLearning

  • Don’t miss out on opportunities to connect with a captive audience. The PADI eLearning system is drawing in more new scuba divers than ever. This webinar will show you:
    How to keep your eLearners informed about your activities, promotions and events using the communication tools.
  • How your online instructors can assist and support your eLearners.
  • How to track student diver progress with activity reports.
  • The importance of interacting with eLearners before, during and after the online sessions.
  • How to integrate eLearning into your ongoing training programs.

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Public Forums – Local Opportunities to Network with fellow PADI Members

Offered in most PADI Europe regions and presented by a PADI staff member, these programs provide you with general tools and are a great opportunity to network with fellow PADI Members.

 Public Forums on Scuba TrainingIRRA Roundtable meetings

  • Provide you with a platform to talk to and exchange information with other PADI IRRA members.
  • Learn about new marketing campaigns.
  • Get first-hand information from the market.
  • Meet your fellow Dive Center owners, exchange ideas and discuss cooperation and marketing ideas.

Member Socials

Recharge your battery at Member Socials as you get information on latest PADI and diving industry news. During the Member Socials the “Entrepreneur of the Year” is awarded by PADI management members.

  • Get together with other PADI members and PADI Europe staff members.
  • Exchange ideas and interesting news from the diving industry.
  • Learn how the “Entrepreneur of the Year” succeeds with his programs and marketing tactics.



The Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA) holds an annual show for dive industry professionals. The show is an opportunity for instructors and dive center owners to see and hear about new information about new products, programs and trends that lead into the following year.

Every year, PADI Members and office staff get to interact, meet face to face and learn. PADI Americas offers educational opportunities that vary from instructor development to business development. This show launches new products or initiatives for the following year, and allows you to meet with your fellow PADI Professionals and PADI Office staff face to face.

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Exhibitions in PADI Europe’s territory

There are several diving exhibitions within the PADI Europe territory. All are an excellent opportunity for instructors and dive center owners and managers to receive information about new trends, products and programs for their respective country.

Every year, PADI Members and office staff get to interact, meet face to face and learn. PADI Europe offers Member Socials for its individual members and IRRA Roundtable meetings for PADI Dive Center and Resorts owners. Meet with your fellow PADI Professionals and PADI Office staff.


Boot Exhibition Germany 

This biggest diving exhibition in Europe is held in Düsseldorf in January for nine days. With its own diving hall, the exhibition offers a variety of news, trends and information. Visit the PADI booth right next to the main stage and meet with PADI staff and members.


Salon de la Plongée France

The Paris International Dive Show has won the confidence of exhibitors, visitors and all the French and European diving actors for the last ten years. Hosting a variety of different exhibitors it holds many information for visitors.


Eudi Show Italy 

The European Dive Show concerning the underwater activities takes place in the New Rome Fair, in the wider context of the “Blue Big”, an exhibition entirely dedicated to the sea, in conjunction with Boat Show and Gommoshow (pneumatic boats). Three of 12 “Blue Big” exhibition pavilions are dedicated entirely to the underwater activities of Eudi Show.


Duikvaker Netherlands 

For two days Utrecht hosts the Duikvaker diving exhibition in the Netherlands and provides information about diving to its visitors.


Fespo Switzerland

The biggest show for vacation and leisure takes place in Zürich. Visitors will find a variety of information on vacationing and diving destinations as well as on many different sports and leisure activities – such as diving. Visit Fespo and exchange ideas with partners from other leisure activity fields.

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Prescriptive Programs – In-store and In-personPrescriptive PADI Business Programs

Offered by PADI Regional Managers and tailored to individual dive shops and resorts, prescriptive programs focus on implementing specific business practices based on the store's current course offerings, plans and goals. Currently available for 2008:


Business of Digital Underwater Photography

This program provides you and your staff with the tools to effectively market and sell the PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Specialty course. The workshop

  • Reviews course content.
  • Focuses on how you can effectively teach the program and provide the necessary equipment.
    As a prescriptive program, the course revolves around questions from participants.


Business of NITROX 

This program provides you and your staff members with important tools to effectively market and incorporate the NITROX Specialty course into your Dive Center offers. The workshop:

  • Reviews course content.
  • Teaches how you can effectively teach the program.
  • Focuses specially on selling argumentation and marketing tools.

Business of Continuing Education

  • This program helps you leverage the time you spend with divers so you promote and teach more continuing education courses in less time. This workshop shows you how to
    Optimally organize course staff scheduling.
  • Make continuing education fun and exciting for students.
  • Ultimately earn more income by keeping your customers excited about diving.

PADI Europe also offers customized seminars upon request according to your needs and local area requirements.

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It is our goal to ensure maximum protection of PADI members. Based on long years of experience, we developed a custom-made professional insurance policy consisting of liability and diving accident insurance.

The scope of benefits of PADI Professional Insurance includes accidents that happen to you during your professional activities as PADI Europe Instructor on the premises and inside the facilities of the corresponding PADI Dive Center. This includes dive organization as well as dive training and education under water or at the surface, your way from the PADI Dive Center to the water and spare-time dives for your own pleasure.

  • Includes a personal accident insurance for all your professional and spare-time diving activities.
  • Includes Tec Diving in accordance with DSAT guidelines and the DSAT TecRec™ education.
  • Ensures worldwide protection (provided the insured person resides within PADI Europe’s territory).
  • Also covers your activities in other organizations acknowledged by PADI.

Visit for detailed information.

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Certification Processing and Other Online Services

As a PADI Member, you have one of the scuba diving industry’s most efficient scuba certification processes because you can submit PADI scuba certifications through PIC Online.

PIC Online eliminates any mail delays and gets PADI scuba certification cards into your customers’ hands faster.

This efficiency extends to other online services such as
Pro Chek, Dive Chek and PIC tracking let you

  • Verify staff member qualifications.
  • Confirm PADI Scuba Diver certification.
  • Verify processing status for submitted scuba certifications.

These online services let you check or confirm information online, which gets you back to your business quicker. PADI also uses innovative technology for other services such as job openings, Member Updates and event calendars.

Certification cards come with your facility name printed on them!

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Go Green with Project AWARE Foundation

Project AWARE Foundation (Aquatic World Awareness, Responsibility and Education) is the centerpiece in PADI’s commitment to protecting and preserving the underwater world. Project AWARE promotes aquatic environment conservation through education, advocacy and action.

By promoting and participating in Project AWARE  events, accessing and distributing Project AWARE  materials and encouraging scuba divers to responsibly explore the underwater world, you show your customers your commitment to preserving our aquatic resources.

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Save on Member News and The Undersea Journal magazine

In addition, PADI provides a number of communication vehicles to promote your messages, such as advertising in the PADI Europe Member News and the The Undersea Journal (both being professional quarterly trade publications) at reduced rates.

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Offer your staff and students custom scuba diving wear with PADI Gear. A wide array of choices is available for order from shirts to bags and accessories. PADI Gear is a full service embroidery and screenprinting establishment ready to customize your order. Add a PADI logo or even your own logo, PADI Gear can also help design a logo for your dive shop if you don’t have one already. While custom orders may take a little extra time, all standard orders take a maximum of three business days to turn-around.

Visit today or call +1 925 215 4938 to order your gear today!

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Meet Your PADI Europe Regional Customer Service Consultant

Whether you need advice or support, your Customer Service Consultant ensures you get the support you require.

Austria, Germany, Luxembourg                                           Reto Moser

Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Maldives, Israel                              Stefania Furlan

Canary Islands, Spain, Portugal,
Azores, Netherlands and Egypt                                           Nuria Palou

France, Belgium, French West Indies,
Switzerland                                                                        Cédric Schafroth

To contact your consultant simply call +41 52 304 14 14 and dial your region’s consultant or email to the above mentioned address.

Customer service for PADI Members doesn't start and stop with the Customer Service Department – it's a philosophy that permeates through the whole PADI organization. With PADI, customer service is a way of life and is one of the reasons why PADI is the world's most popular scuba diving training organization.

Introduce yourself to your PADI Customer Service Consultant who can help you get started on your dream!

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