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News Item - New PADI Products

PADI Introduces Smokin’ New Scuba Products

Enjoy an awesome ride.Visit your local PADI Dive Shop or Resort to get your hands on this year’s “must-haves” and crank up your bottom-time fun! 


Dare to Drift:   PADI Drift Diver Course & New Course Materials

The PADI Drift Diver course teaches you what you need to know so you can enjoy drift diving to the max. You’ll learn techniques for staying with your buddy and drifting in a group, the different entries appropriate for different types of drift diving and special drifting techniques used around the world.
Enjoy PADI Drift Diving to the max!Whether you drift dive because conditions call for it or because you just love riding the current, the PADI Drift Diver course and new course materials show you how to go with the flow and have fun too!  Sign up with your local PADI Dive Shop or Resort.


PADI Underwater Naturalist Course & New Course Materials

Develop your observation skills and open your eyes to the aquatic realm’s intricate ecosystems. Learn to move through the underwater world without significantly disturbing its inhabitants and how aquatic environments, organisms and divers interact. Whether you’re diving a coral reef, kelp forest, sand bottom or in fresh water, The PADI Underwater Naturalist course and new course materials will help you see more, understand what you see, and enjoy diving more than ever. Sign up with your local PADI Dive Shop or Resort


More than a Training Record, it’s a Brag Book

Record your dives in the PADI Diver's Log and Training Record. With dedicated pages for dives from the Open Water Diver course through Master Scuba Diver, the logbook serves as a journal of fond memories and a road map for continuing education. Contact your local PADI Dive Shop or Resort to get one today. 


Plan for Maximum Adventure

Makes planning multilevel dives quick, accurate and easy!eRDPML™ Electronic Dive Planner Makes Dive Planning Easier than Ever
eRDPML™ has the dependability of a dive table and the simplicity of a calculator.
Plan for maximum adventure with the new eRDPML™ (Electronic Recreational Dive Planner, Mulitlevel version.) Now it’s easy to plan single depth and multilevel first and repetitive dives. Maximize your bottom time and crank up the fun by planning your dives with calculator convenience. Contact your local PADI Dive Shop or Resort, and plan your next multilevel dive adventure the easy way using the new eRDPML.