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Inspirational Film, The Current, Coming Summer 2013

The Current, a new film coming summer 2013, will follow six individuals from all walks of life as they work through obstacles to regain mobility through water sports. Jean-Michel Cousteau, Bethany Hamilton from Soul Surfer, Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin, and a host of other athletes and celebrities will be featured diving in the film, and the PADI organization has become a major partner in the film’s production.

Missy Franklin gets certified for role in filmThe Current is the second film in an inspirational series created by Make A Hero, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps individuals with disabilities overcome obstacles through sports and recreation. The series tracks individuals as they transform their disabilities from limitations to character strengths through various forms of movement. The Movement, the first film in the series narrated by Robert Redford and Warren Miller, shadowed individuals with disabilities as they discovered, or rediscovered, themselves through downhill skiing. Through breathtaking cinematography and real life stories the film inspired viewers worldwide – and The Current will continue the journey. 

The Current will take individuals beneath the surface to experience the freedom of movement unique to scuba diving. New divers, with and without disabilities, will be captured on film as they explore the wonders of the underwater realm. From diving with whales and wild dolphins to being taught to dive by Jean-Michel Cousteau, viewers will be a part of each individual’s journey to overcome obstacles and find beauty in the surroundings and within. With the magnificent underwater scenery as a backdrop, the film will capture the magic of movement through water and the transformational effect it has on the spirit.

Make A Hero’s mission is to inspire people with disabilities to get fully engaged in the game of life, build confidence, regain mobility and experience freedom through participation in sports and recreation. The Current, as a part of this innovative film series, is integral to spreading this message worldwide. Revenue generated by Make A Hero goes directly to adaptive organizations supporting thousands of volunteers who work with millions of individuals with disabilities.

The Current is intended to inspire viewers to experience freedom of movement in the water, but, most importantly, this film will build awareness and support for local organizations that provide access to sports for people with disabilities. For more information about The Current visit or find out how you can make a contribution to the film at