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Ocean Revival - A Great Diving Site in the Algarve

 A unique diving site is now being created in the Algarve: Ocean Revival.

This innovative project comprises of the sinking of four Portuguese Navy ships that will transform a zone of sand and mud into a very enjoyable place to dive.

The ships will make an artificial reef structure, which will allow visits at different levels of difficulty. The underwater park will be located 3 nautical miles away from Portimao, in a calm water zone with temperatures ranging from 16 to 24°C / 61 to 75°F.

Ocean Revival is a pioneering project supported by PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa and meets all the requirements to become one of the must-see diving sites of the world.

The underwater park will have different levels of difficulty  from the simplest to the most technical type. You can be sure to find innovation, safety and a lot of fun at any of them.

The bridge of the sunken ships will be at a depth of 15 metres/50 feet and the keel from 30-35 metres/98-115 feet. Therefore this will allow all kinds of diving, from the beginner to the technical diver.

The first two ships – the Zambeze and the Oliveira Carmo were sunk on 30 October. And the organization will sink the remaining two vessels – the Frigate and the Hydrographic Corvette  over the next year.

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