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Dahab International Festival of Watersports, Culture and Desert Adventure

What do Bedouin camel races, chilling windsurfing stunts, photographic fish hunts, trash art and kundalini yoga have in common?  

Red CoralThey are all part of the spectacular program of the Dahab International Festival of Watersports, Culture and Desert Adventure  returning for its second year bigger and better!    

In 2011, Dahab came together as a community for the first time to organize this fabulous festival, with the local Bedouin and Egyptian population and expats all joining hands to make it a truly community-wide co-operation. This year the festival has grown into an event of epic proportions, with people coming from all across the globe to this gorgeous, tucked-away, Red Sea treasure to showcase what it has to offer. Dahab may be smaller and considered less polished than its glam cousins Hurhgada and Sharm el Sheikh, but the variety of magnificent activities it features is second to none. 

From 14-20 April 2012, there is really something for everyone to enjoy, during this week-long program stuffed to the gills with fun events. 

You can jump into the water and enjoy the marvelous wonders underneath the sea - you can surf over it and revel in speed and wind - you can relax into a meditation or healing session or stretch yourself doing yoga and all kinds of dance exercise - you can discover the wonderfully diverse and historically rich Bedouin culture - you can taste all the culinary delights on the menu of Dahab - you can check out our marvelous young performers of the famous Dahab children's circus Circ Bonboni and try out some circus tricks in a very special workshop - you can see how inspired our artists are by our beautiful town and desert and become inspired yourself doing all sorts of creative workshops, you can have your face painted, compete with your home-made kite made of recyclable materials and dance till you drop to the music of talented bands and DJs. 

For divers there is an underwater photography competition with four categories and great prices, a buoyancy competition, a Project AWARE presentation on shark conservation, an opportunity to sign a shark conservation petition with Fin from "Fin and Finley on Tour", Project AWARE Dive for Debris dives and underwater photography workshops and lectures. 

Throughout the week, there are plenty of scheduled activities and of course the central Festival Square near the central Dahab bridge is hopping with activities, markets, culture and music the whole time. For complete information on times and places check out the Dahab International Festival website

Come and dive into our Festival Bigger and Better  we are waiting to welcome you!