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Scuba Guru – Everything You Wanted to Know...

No one – even gurus of the scuba variety – likes to look foolish. And, because of this fear, we often don’t ask questions. Simple questions, medium questions and even complex questions go unanswered – all because we didn’t ask.

Enter the Scuba Guru and "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Diving But Were Afraid to Ask"

*Disclaimer - not everything will be shared and/or disclosed. But I can share a few inside secrets. 

How do experts become experts? Well, they ask. They’re also looking out for any and every chance they have to acquire more information. Here are the basics, broken into three easy steps for you:

Entry Level:
Your first step should be getting general dive info and to hang out with some likeminded divers at a dive show. There are a lot happening right now - here are just a few in the next couple of months:

A dive show is one of the best ways to get a lot of information in a short amount of time. That’s some good value for money and a top guru tip. Plus you can connect with your favorite PADI people at some of the events.

Hit the road. Get out and travel and dive. There’s no better way to get experienced than by having experiences. But, if you don’t want to go ahead and book that 14-day exploratory liveaboard just yet (although that sounds fantastic), I have a great suggestion – check out a PADI Diving Society event. You can combine all of your learning into one killer experience. Right now you can book Total Submersion to Curacao from 2-9 July. It’s a weeklong adventure with your new best friends. If you have questions, want to see how other people make their way throughout our ocean planet or just hang out and have a good time – PADI Diving Society events are the way to go.

If you're in the United Kingdom, divers are celebrating the joy of diving at DiveFest that takes place in Cornwall, United Kingdom from 29 April – 2 May. Come and visit the PADI Campervan for tea and cakes - perfect after a refreshing dip in springtime United Kingdom waters. Live music and evening entertainment make this a great festival weekend.

If you can’t attend either of these events, you can continue your education online in any number of ways. Your favorite courses – including PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, Digital Underwater Photographer, Enriched Air Diver and many, many more are available online. You can do the knowledge development at home and come to the start of the course ready to get in the water and already know the answers to the questions you would have had if you hadn’t taken the online course. Talk about showing up smart – you’ll go to the head of the class. Or, maybe the bottom of the pool. Or, get off the boat first.

If you’re looking to extend your limits, or are just curious about the cutting edge in diving and maybe trying out a rebreather, you’ll want to head to a Tec Xplor event. Tec Xplor events include presentations from some of the biggest names in technical diving as well as demonstrations from different equipment manufacturers. Better yet, you’ll have a chance to hop in the pool and try out all the some tec gear yourself.

There’s a Tec Xplor event coming up after the Beneath the Sea dive show in Secaucus, New Jersey, USA on 28 March. If you’re in the area, you’ll want to stop by. Make sure to check out for upcoming Tec Xplor events.

Looking for even more information? Head by your local PADI Dive Center or Resort. They’re the true experts.

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