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The Scuba Guru's Scuba Wish List

Holiday Wish ListThe Scuba Guru has the answers to more than just dive questions. This time, the Guru is on the job to help you complete your holiday shopping list.

Publications such as Sport DiverSport Diver UK and Scuba Diver Australasia bring you the latest dive equipment innovations, so we won’t revisit them here. Instead, Scuba Guru has a potpourri of gift ideas ranging from high-tech to homemade.

For the Tec Diver or Gadget Geek

  • Underwater iPod Case and Headphones - for many years Scuba Guru dreamed of flying across the reefs in Cozumel, Mexico while playing air guitar to Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir. At last, the dream is a reality with the coming of H20 Audio’s iDive 300. Technical divers with two-hour deco stops could use this device to catch up on their favorite podcasts or audiobooks.
  • A water-resistant cell phone - Motorola has developed the Motorola Defy: a water-resistant smartphone running the Android OS. As the video shows, the phone can be fully submerged in water without permanent damage. Scuba Guru thinks Guru Spouse would benefit from this phone’s capabilities on a daily basis.
  • Smartphone protective case – can’t afford the underwater cell phone? Here’s the next best thing: a protective sleeve for the iPhone. While you can’t use it underwater, you can use the touch screen and make calls without removing the phone from its protective pouch.

For the Traveling Diver

Is one of your dive buddies going on a dive trip over the holidays? If they’re going without you, the Guru recommends only a dirty look in addition to a lump of coal. But, if you want to take the high road, mix and match from the list below to create a dive travel necessities gift package.

  • Portable luggage scale – to prevent overweight baggage fees.
  • Airline gift card – in case they pick up some nice goodies for you and need to check an extra bag.
  • Burt’s Bees Cuticle Cream - prevents cracked toenails.
  • Anti-seasickness medication – such as Bonine, Kwells or Triptone.
  • Wellness supplements – such as Emergencee or Airborne.
  • Mask defogger – in case they run out of spit.
  • Ear wash (prevents ear cooties) – buy premade or make your own from a 50/50 mixture of rubbing alcohol and white vinegar.

For the Local Diver or your Favorite Divemaster

Here are some ideas for the diver who knows every nook and cranny of the local open water site. You know, the person on a first-name basis with the octopus under the rock. Yes, his name is Charlie, but he goes by Chuck.

  • Heavy-duty storage tubs – available from your local hardware store, these extra-large tubs fit in a backseat or trunk and are great for transporting and storing gear. They double as a wash tub, a table and keep water from draining into your car.
  • Wet Okole Seat Covers – take a tip from the Hawaiian playbook: protect your ride to and from the dive site. Put Wet Okole seat covers in and seats stay dry. Plus, you're car won't smell like your wet suit.
  • Rugged USB Storage - Tac Drive is a “rugged” flash drive (designed for medical records, but useful for dive boats). It’s water-resistant and crush resistant with storage space up to eight gigs – making it easy to off-gas images from your digital camera.

For Any Diver

  • Spring Straps - just pull back on the strap and off comes your fin. No more struggling with clips while the boat ladder threatens to knock you senseless. Spring straps are one of the greatest scuba inventions in the last 10 years.
  • Online Underwater Photographer Class - learning underwater photography through trial and error is an unpleasant experience. Trust me. Read reviews from real divers Kat and Margo about the PADI Digital Underwater Photo eLearning course.

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