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Quality Management

PADI’s Quality Management Program

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reef0124_002 Tim Rock.jpgYou just returned home from a fabulous dive vacation. You can’t stop talking about your PADI Scuba Instructor and the dive resort, and you want to let PADI know about your experience.

On the other hand, perhaps your experience wasn’t as positive and you want to let PADI know about the problems encountered on your holiday. PADI’s Quality Management Program serves both purposes.

The Quality Management Program’s primary objective is to ensure that all PADI Members understand the importance of using PADI’s educational system and adhere to PADI Standards. PADI recognizes members who demonstrate excellent service by the Quality Recognition program. Please send complimentary reports about PADI Members and Dive Centers to 

Corrective Measures: 
On the other hand, when members deviate from standards, the Quality Management Program acts to get them back on track to avoid future problems. The Quality Management Procedures flowchart provides you with an overview of the quality assurance process.

When a PADI Office is unable to resolve problems with a member, the member may be suspended (temporary status), terminated, or expelled. You can locate reports about such member actions by viewing the Consumer Alerts.

To help PADI Members offer a consistent level of service, The Quality Management Committee monitors PADI programs for quality control and risk management purposes. As a consumer, you can help by completing the Course Evaluation Questionnaires sent to you after certification, or write to PADI regarding your experiences. If you did not receive a questionnaire, please contact PADI and one will be sent to you via email.

Evaluate the Course You've Just Taken: 
How was your PADI course?  Please give an honest course evaluation.   Your feedback helps PADI strive to offer high standards and deliver a quality experience. 


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