Society Member Benefits

Society member benefits are offered at hundreds of PADI dive centres and resorts within the UK and abroad. In addition, Society Partners offer further benefits from time to time, from free-to-enter Member-Only draws to discounts off additional goods purchased with your diving equipment and other lifestyle needs. A full list of current membership benefits is as follows (last updated 27-08-07);

Twice the Spice 

  • Discounts – worth thousands! – off new cars in the current range from Volvo Cars (UK), with further discounts to come following the launch of the new V70 and XC70 models due very soon. Check and Sport Diver for further announcements!

  • Free insulating “Rash Vest” from O’Neill wetsuits with any purchase from their “Sector” 5mm wetsuit range

  • 2 – for – 1 Curry Vouchers (x4) from “Twice the Spice”, the same promotion run by Walker’s crisps recently, featuring almost 900 restaurants throughout the UK including Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland – the promotion is simplicity itself, present the voucher, buy one main meal, and receive 4th element hata second main meal for free.

  • Free lifestyle clothing items with qualifying purchases from divecool gurus Fourth Element (requires voucher, available on request)

  • 20% Discount off RRP on any product in the current price list from Marine Electronics experts Raymarine

  • Free SIM and 300 free texts worth £30 from communications giant Orange

  • £5 saving off Diver Protection Insurance through PADI’s Professional Liability Insurers, Tett Hamilton & Co

  • £150 worth of Society membership/merchandise vouchers from Advocate International when purchasing property abroad

  • 5% discount from liveaboard dive holidays with premier Red Sea operators, the Tornado Marine Fleet

  • Regatta Jacket Black and White Rugby Shirt50% off hotel bill in over 4000 hotels through HotelExpress 
  •  5% Discount from PDS Collection clothing (worth £1.90 off a fleece or rugby shirt, – the two most popular lines – or £7.50 off a Regatta jacket)

  • MAKO Sunglasses10% discount on SRP across the entire range (final price includes donation to Project AWARE)

  • PADI Square KeyringBlueCanDo10% discount on purchases over £10 at (only available within UK and other PIL service areas) 

  • 5% Discounted Travel Insurance from A.H. Risk Management through web-based application process

  • Claim a free DVD from a selection

  • Free day pass at Fitnation centres

  • FOC entry to Member Draws (current prize – a top-of-the-line Volvo XC90 free for a weekend)

  • Discounts with Hertz Car Rental using special discount code on booking (code rotates periodically and is available on request)

  • 15% off regular purchase price of prints from Bob Talbot, internationally-renowned leading underwater photographer - at website (code required when placing order, available from

  • 15% off regular purchase price of prints from Rogest, internationally-renowned marine artist and creator of the image used for the 2005 membership card - at website (code required when placing order, available from

  • BUPA Discounts through Health Connections (up to 35%)

  • Financial advice through Towry Law (a good reputation among IFA’s)

  • Additional Member Benefits from time to time in over 250 PADI Dive Centres and Resorts across the UK
    • List of UK centres giving specific member benefits is available on request from the UK PADI Diving Society – click here to request a list

  • Further benefits available from dive centres in Americas and Asia-Pacific territories also; over $53,000 worth of benefits are in the current 2007 handbook (available on request) and over $63,000 worth of benefits have been committed for the 2008 member handbook (available on request toward the end of 2007). A full list of International member events is available here.


  • All the above benefits, plus

  • 12 month/12 issue subscription to Sport Diver Magazine (12 issues at cover price is £40.80, usual subscription fee alone is around £37)

  • Inclusion in all Sport Diver subscriber draws (recent prizes have included a Beaver thermal undersuit and torches)
    Regatta JacketBlack and White Rugby Shirt
  • Additional 5% Discount off PDS Collection clothing (total £3.80 off a fleece or rugby shirt, £12.50 off a Regatta jacket)

  • Additional 5% discount off travel insurance through AH Risk (total 10%)

  • Additional entry in all Member Draws (total – 2 entries per Silver member)
  • The subscription represents a £37.10 value for just an additional £22.50 – or, put another way, if you were thinking of subscribing anyway, just over a fiver buys you £20 worth of Bronze Society membership, and potential savings worth thousands of pounds!


  • All benefits of Silver and Bronze membership, plus

  • FOC Master Scuba Diver applications (when processed via PADI International Ltd offices in UK) – worth around £28 including VAT

    Regatta JacketBlack and White Rugby Shirt
  • 20% discount off PDS Collection clothing, worth £8 off a fleece or rugby shirt and £17.50 off a Regatta jacket)

  • Free Emergency First Response (EFR) Carry Bag (value apx. £15) when taking qualifying EFR programmes

  • Additional 5% discount off MAKO sunglasses, total 15%

  • Additional 5% discount off purchases over £10 total from BlueCanDo at (only available within UK and other PIL service areas)

  • Additional 5% off travel insurance (total 15%)

  • 2-for-1 cases of wine through Wine Club (voucher provided with membership card)

  • Free consultation and 2-for-1 sessions with a personal trainer from the National Register of Personal Trainers

  • Kids go Free to IMAX centres

  • 2-for-1 golf lessons and improvement clinics with Golf Experience Days

  • 2-for-1 Bungee Jumps with UK Bungee

  • Further additional entry in all member draws (total – three entries per Gold member)

  • Whatever additional benefits come along from time to time, Gold members know they will always be in a position to benefit


  • Allows multiple family members to hold Gold memberships without having multiple copies of the Sport Diver magazine, at considerable saving

  • Available to all persons sharing same dwelling e.g. students, life partners, significant others

  • Fee includes two Gold membership cards and one Sport Diver subscription

  • Additional Gold membership cards are available for further family members at £5 each

  • All Family Gold memberships are full Gold memberships, without additional restrictions other than sharing the Sport Diver subscription

  • Additional Sport Diver subscriptions to same address, if required, available at £30 each

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Sport Diver magazine

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