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PADI Safety Recall Notice: EANx32 RDP Table (Imperial)

Dear Fellow Diver,

PADI Americas recently discovered a printing error in certain English Language, Imperial system EANx32 Recreational Dive Planners (RDPs) it distributed. The misprint may occur in only this version of the Imperial EANx32 Recreational Dive Planner (English language only) shipped since January 2008. PADI Americas’ printer is working diligently with PADI Americas to correct this. Please note, this is the only version of the RDP sold during this period that contains the printing error.

While analysis of the problems shows that the risk of injury from the error is exceedingly remote and no injuries have been reported, for the sake of safety, we ask that you immediately check any English Imperial EANx32 RDP that you purchased or received during this period against the product number and production code listed below. All RDPs included in this recall bear the printing mark “Printed in the USA” located on the back of the table, upper right corner. The product number and production code are located on the lower right corner, also on the back of the table. The product number and production code affected by this recall are:

Product No. 60049 Ver 1.2 (Rev 02/03) XXXPDK7

The product code digits indicated by “X” may vary. The last four digits “PDK7” indicate a recalled table, irrespective of what the first three digits are.

As a double check, on Table 3, check the 110 foot row under Pressure Group G. The table should indicate a Residual Nitrogen Time (upper number in white) of 13 and an Actual Bottom Time (lower number in green) of 12. If this box is blank, you have a misprinted table.

If you have an RDP with the product number and production code listed above and/or a blank box where described, please return it to your PADI Dive Center/Resort or return it to PADI at the address below, as soon as possible. DO NOT PLAN YOUR DIVES USING THIS TABLE. Your RDP will be replaced with a new table at no charge to you. You may send your table to:

Attn: RDP Recall
30151 Tomas Street
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

When sending your table back to PADI, please be sure to include the address where you want the new table shipped.

In the United States and Canada, you may call 800 729 7234 toll free or worldwide call +949 858 7234, extension 2011 for further information on this recall.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.


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