Educational and Vocational
Recognition in
the United Kingdom

The PADI Instructor Development programme (IDC/IE) run through a PADI Vocational Centre in England, Wales and Northern Ireland has received accreditation onto the new framework, from 1st September 2002 as the PADI Level 3 Certificate in Scuba Instruction. PADI Vocational Centres arePADI IRRA centres that have met additional criteria as defined by the regulatory bodies in consultation with PADI International Limited. Successful vocational candidates will receive an additional certificate of attainment from PADI, attesting to the vocational recognition of the programme and its placement on the National Qualifications Framework.

PADI Certificate in Scuba Instruction is set at Level 3 in the Vocationally – Related Qualifications category of the Framework, attesting to attainment in a vocational area. The Framework consists of six levels, from entry level to level 5, and three categories: General Qualifications, Vocationally-Related Qualifications and Occupational Qualifications.

The National Qualifications Framework

  General Qualifications Vocationally-related Qualifications Occupational Qualifications
Higher Level/5      
Higher Level/4      

Advanced Level/3


PADI Certificate in Scuba Instruction


Intermediate Level/2


Foundation Level/1


Entry Level



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