Missing PADI Certifications in ScubaEarth®?

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Have you viewed your My Certifications page on ScubaEarth, but do not see all your PADI diver certifications listed? ScubaEarth just launched a new tool that allows you to add any certifications that are missing from your ScubaEarth account. A missing certification basically means you have multiple student records, likely because your certification card requests were submitted with variations to your name. For example, your PADI Open Water Diver certification is under Joe Diver and your PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification is under Joseph Diver. If you registered for ScubaEarth as Joe Diver, you won’t see your PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification which is under Joseph Diver. What we need to do is merge the two records.

Here are the steps to merge your records:ScubaEarth Certifications Page

Step One: Find your missing certification card because you will need to reference the certification number.

Step Two: When logged into ScubaEarth, click on My Certifications from the left menu.

Step Three: When the page loads, click the blue “Missing Certifications” button.

Step Four
: Choose “I know the certification number of my missing PADI certification” from the dropdown menu and enter your missing certification number.

If you don’t know your missing certification number, you can choose “I do not know the certification number of my missing PADI certification(s)” and choose the certification you are missing from the pre-populated list of core certifications. Please note, if you are missing a specialty course, you will need to type that in – it’s not in the pre-populated list.

Step Five: Click Submit. If we were able to successfully merge your records, you should be redirected back to your My Certifications page and the missing certification will now show up. If the merge was not successful, or if you did not have your missing certification number, a request is automatically generated to PADI’s customer service department and you will receive a confirmation in 1-2 weeks.