Expelled Dive Centers and Resorts

    The following list identifies former PADI Dive Centers and Resorts that have been expelled from the PADI organization within the last few years. These dive operations are no longer members of the PADI Retail and Resort Association, can’t conduct PADI courses nor represent themselves as PADI Members. 

    Note that expulsion is a last resort. The PADI Quality Management Program follows an extensive process that includes fact checking, getting all perspectives about the issue including the member’s and, when necessary, offering corrective retraining and cooperative compliance. Expulsion results when the PADI Member refuses to implement corrective measures, or when the nature of the complaint is so severe that expulsion is necessary to protect the public or to preserve the reputation of the PADI organization.

    If you have any questions about an individual listed, please contact the Quality Management Department at a PADI Regional Headquarters.

    List of Expelled Members

     Name  Member No.   City  Country  Date
     Amigos Del Mar  S-11759  San Pedro  Belize  17-Jul-2014
     Aquatic Adventures, Inc  S-20989  Kaui  HI, USA  2-Dec-2008
     Aquanauts Dive Center  S-6246  Pattaya  Thailand  14-Mar-2013
     Askin Diving Bodrum  S-16984  Bodrum  Turkey  5-Feb-2014
     Big Fish Dive Center  S-21091  Caye Caulker  Belize  22 March 2012
     Blue Adrenalin Adventures  S-6396  Townsville  QLD, Australia  3-Dec-2001
     Blue Bubbles Dive Center  S-20846  Philipsburg  St. Maarten  21-Nov-2012
     Blue Diving Club  S-6236  Nha Trang  Thailand, Vietnam  20-Sep-2007
     Blue Explorers  S-9820  Puerto de Mogan  Canary Islands  24-Oct-2013
     Busan Skin Scuba  S-36386  Busan  South Korea  20-Jun-2013
     Buzos del Caribe  S-20056  San Andres Island  Colombia  10-Nov-2011
     Caribbean Jimmy's  S-20827  Isla Colon  Panama  20-Nov-2006
     Chico's Dive Shop  S-16971  Puerto Vallarta Jalisco  Mexico  29-Apr-2004
     Dallas Weston Dive Center  S-15764  Chester  VA, USA  29-Apr-2010
     DAX Divers Aruba  S-2426  The Mill Resort  Aruba  10-Dec-1993
     Dive College Mexico  S-21007  Cancun  Mexico  29-May-2008
     Dive Experience  S-6550  Williamston  VIC, Australia  14- Sep-2006
     Dive Sites Lanka  S-36070  Hikkaduwa  Sri Lanka  14-Feb-2013
     Divers Down under  S-32099  Dahab  Egypt  8-May-2014
     Dive The World  S-6615  Phuket  Thailand  18-Jul-2013
     Diving Osaka  S-33067  Osaka  Japan  18-Mar-2014
     Diving PCB-Panama City Beach  S-24836  Panama City Beach  FL, USA  8-Sep-2016
     Dykker-Butikken.dk  S-23266  Abyhoj  Denmark  14-Feb-2013
     Dykspecialisten  S-1357  Halmstad  Sweden  1993
     Golden Isle Dive & Ski  S-1783  Brunswick  GA, USA  22-Nov-1991
     HDS Watersports  S-5069  Haugesund  Norway  1993
     Key West Pro Dive Shop, Inc.    Key West  FL, USA  1996
     Kor-al Watersports & Diving  S-23051  Antalya  Turkey  24-Oct-2013
     La Compagnia dell'Avventura  S-799257  Cannigione  Italy  26-Sep-2012
     Lodge Scuba Academy  S-32349  London  England  25-Jun-2015
     Massysub  S-799077  Pisa  Italy  16-Jan-2014
     Midwest Scuba Center, Inc.  S-433  Avon  IN, USA  12-Nov-2016
     Nelson Dive Centre  S-4587  Nelson  New Zealand  22-Jun-2001
     Neptunes Dive College  S-20460  Manzanillo  Mexico  11-Mar-2010
     Neptuno Dive Center  S-2657  Juan Dolio  Dominican Republic  12-Nov-2009
     Oasis Divers Grand Turk  S-18521  Grand Turk  Turk and Caicos Islands  23-May-2012
     Ohana  S-8977  Wakayama  Japan  17-Feb-2014
     Otro Mundo Montanita  S-21341  Montanita  Ecuador  25-Jun-2015
     Papoo Divers  S-36366  Nananu-i-ra Island  Fiji  30-Jun-2011
     Paradise Divers Co, Ltd.  S-2488  Pattaya  Thailand  3-Jun-1993
     Planet Diver  S-21255  Sao Paulo  Brazil  21-Apr-2011
     Seapark Diving Inc.  S-21866  Boracay Island  Philippines  17-Nov-2011
     Subaquaholics Ltd.  S-32118  Bristol  England  4-Oct-2012
     Surf Side  S-7485  Shizuoka  Japan  2-Oct-2015
     Swiss Fiji Divers Ltd.  R-8382  Taveuni  Fiji Islands  18-Aug-2006
     Tick JK  S-7534  Osaka  Japan  17-Feb-2014
    Time To Dive Hasselt   S-9989 Hasselt  Belgium  21-Oct-2014 
     Time To Dive Leuven  S-21454 Leuven  Belgium  21-Oct-2014 
     Thunder Island Divers  S-1295  Sunset  UT, USA  17-Jul-1992
     Tropical Penguins Scuba  S-2349  Reno  NV, USA  29-Jul-2003
     Underwater Specialist  S-2175  North Ft Myers  FL, USA  23-Mar-2001